Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Does "Castle Doctrine" Apply to David Andrasik Killing?

David Andrasik & Daughter

Are you familiar with Alabama's "Castle Doctrine?" Unless you're one of our legal eagle friends, you may not have heard of this law that officially went into effect in April 2006. According to a news source at the time:

The “Castle Doctrine” bill removes the “duty to retreat” if an individual is attacked in his or her home, vehicle, place of business or any other place he or she has a legal right to be. This legislation also states that victims may use necessary force to defend themselves against the attacker.

Does this law apply to the killing of David Martin Andrasik, a 42 year-old father of three? Andrasik was shot in the Red Bay yard of Hershel D. Graham in early November. How was Graham, supposedly in his home and able to call police, attacked by Andrasik while David spoke with Graham's son Elijah outside? Why would a gun be considered necessary force since Andrasik was unarmed and outnumbered on the Graham property?

These are questions that will be presented to a Franklin County grand jury next month. Others have questioned how Hershel Graham, commonly known to have mental problems, was legally able to own a handgun. We have no answer to that, but not all mental illnesses result in commitments, and not all commitments are public record. Those who demand less restrictive gun laws need to address these issues.


Joe Rhoden, in a letter to the TimesDaily, has questioned the existence of a contract requiring RegionalCare to build the new hospital in Lauderdale County. He suggests the contract should be made public. While we have not seen the contract, it would be logical to assume a copy of the contract is on file with both the Florence City Council and the Lauderdale County Commission. We feel sure either entity would be happy to produce the contract for him personally. Not everything is a conspiracy, Mr. Rhoden.


According to Amanda Leeth Taylor's father Billy Leeth, he, his son, and one daughter have been asked to provide DNA samples for testing against remains that were found this weekend on Gnat Pond Road in Leighton.

Amanda has been missing for six weeks, with little publicity to help with the search. Amanda's family is hoping the results of the testing will rule out Amanda, but they will still be no closer to finding the 32 year old.

For further updates you may visit:

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