Friday, December 16, 2011

Locker Property Site of New Hospital?

Last September, Lauderdale County Commissioner Rhea Tays Fulmer (pictured) was quoted in the TimesDaily as stating the property under consideration for the new RegionalCare hospital was on Hwy. 47 just north of Cox Creek Parkway. A source close to Fulmer has now identified the property as part of a large tract owned by John Locker Jr. of St. Florian.

The tract has easy access from several directions and is centrally located in Lauderdale County. Will this be the site of our new hospital? We await RegionalCare's decision.

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Shane Marshall Rea, the Phil Campbell resident shot late Tuesday night while participating in an assault in Muscle Shoals, has several previous arrests for drug possession. While living in Spruce Pine in 2010, Rea was arrested for the possession and manufacture of a controlled substance. The wife of Rea's victim credits Muscle Shoals Officer Jeremy Behel with saving her husband's life. Kudos to Officer Behel.


The race for Probate Judge in Lauderdale County is officially on. The two announced candidates are already experienced campaigners:

James Edwards Hall II

William Smith


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  1. It is a fact that John Locker Junior owns no property. His mother owns the farm. Also, it is a fact that he was recently charged with trespassing, stalking, harassment, menacing, and intimidation against his ex-wife. She filed a Protection From Abuse order against him which law enforcement did not serve on him for two full weeks.

    At the December 12, 2011, PFA hearing, John Locker Junior never disputed the charges against him, never spoke to defend himself against them.

    The website InJudgeSandlinsLocker is current and still represents the fraud and lies Locker Junior presented to the court during their divorce. His own testimony impeached his own character. He has never addressed the website or asked that it be removed since it is all true.

    John Locker Junior has been in contempt of court since the decree was signed in 2007. This is a fact.