Thursday, December 1, 2011

Immigration & Logic/Santa Returns to Cherokee

Emotion versus logic...which one usually wins? All too often, emotion wins out, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by con artists through the ages. Let's take a closer look at the above cartoon...a cartoon found on the wall of Amanda Hernandez' Facebook page.

Depicted is a shirtless boy wearing overalls. Is that how Hernandez, a native of Florida, sees Alabama citizens? The three panel drawing appeals to the emotions, but is it logical? In panel one we see this unkempt youth telling a young black man to return to Africa. Did African Americans surreptitiously cross our borders in the middle of the night to immigrate here illegally? We think not.

Panel three depicts an indigenous American confronting the youth over his views. Yet when Europeans first arrived in America, there were no sovereign governments and therefore no illegal immigration. Many Indian tribes welcomed the white settlers, even selling them land. We can't deny that Indians were maltreated by many, but neither can we deny the other facts surrounding Western European immigration. There are few comparisons to the illegal onslaught Alabama and other Southeastern states face today.

We have no doubt that when UNA nursing student Amanda Hernandez speaks at the immigration rally in Florence today she will appeal to emotions. That's her right. It's also our right to look carefully at her words and the Hispanic Coalition's claims with logic and a sense of responsibility toward all Alabama citizens.




  1. It continues to amaze me that people, Americans, play the race card. Being an illegal immigrant isn't a race, it is a crime. One that our own federal government has seemed to forget. Move here, get legal and learn the language. My grandparents didn't have a problem doing that. They were proud to do it.

  2. She forgot to show bare feet on the backwards hick.

  3. I agree with your headline, however, we should probably get an even broader perspective by stating that when Americans are able to enjoy their Constitutional rights and all employable Americans have a job and American children have enough to eat, then, others can be considered. Just my thoughts, here in Nebraska, after being layed off last year, while, Mexican Nationals with a VISA permit to work in the United states, (supposedly due to the lack of workers), held permanent positions within that company. Not personal or emotional, something is just not right with that. When did the American dream become the Alian right?

  4. Anonymous in Nebraska, there are not words strong enough to describe your situation. Such businesses don't prosper in the end. I sincerely hope things are well with you now. I mentioned Alabama specifically since we are so involved with the new immigration law at this time. Also, we have hope something can be done at the state level. I think most of us have given up hope for our federal government and this issue long ago...

    1. I can see and understand your point,but the fault is on the employer.The law should be that no one can be laid off or hours cut before a employer can hire new employee's.unless a worker is performing substandard work attendance or performance of job duties,that said the point I would like to point out is as a country with supposed so many jobs vacant.How can it be that these people thousands and thousands all over the Untied States are going to work,doing what ever they can,living several families to a small apartment many times while we have millions on welfare,able bodied not working.The problem is not the illegals it's the system,if they could not find jobs they would not be here.Stop welfare,stop the free ride for people who are too lazy to work,hunger is a good incentive to work at what ever job you can get.The IMMIGRANTS have proved this point.If we don't want mice,take away the bait....