Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bad Boys: Cory Luke White

As they say on The Quad-Cities Daily, you gotta love these bad boys. Pictured at right is Cory Luke White who seems frequently to swap residences between Looney Road in Athens and Lee Street in Rogersville, probably due to wherever arrest warrants are the most current. Just how big a bad boy is White? In case his Athens booking photo doesn't sum it up for you, we'll offer a recap.

The 28 year-old's record goes back to April 2006 at least, when he was arrested in Lauderdale County for Possession of a Controlled Substance - Marijuana. July 2008 saw White again arrested in Lauderdale, this time for Criminal Coercion. If you're as unsure as us what this might entail, here's the legal definition:

A person is guilty of criminal coercion when with intent to compel another person to engage in or refrain from conduct, he unlawfully threatens to:
(a) Commit any crime; or
(b) Accuse anyone of a crime; or
(c) Expose any secret tending to subject any person to hatred, contempt or ridicule or to impair another's credit or business repute; or
(d) Take or withhold action as an official or cause an official to take or withhold action.

White again made the news in April 2010 when he was charged with the unauthorized use of a vehicle Things really began to escalate with White on November 14th of this year when he attempted to burgle a home on West Market Street in Athens while the owner was inside. Athens police quickly found White in a wooded area behind the home. While being booked, this perennial bad boy kicked out the window of the booking area, causing an additional charge of Destruction of State Property. This crime of theft falls into the heinous category since White ostensibly knew a resident of the home had passed away nine hours earlier.

Five weeks later, Luke Cory White was again out of jail and arrested for Public Intoxication in Lauderdale County. Some hours after his release on those charges, White committed robbery at the BP Station located on the Corner of 101 and Putman Parkway, one block north of Hwy. 72. Upon leaving the scene, White jumped in a car with the motor running and managed to add theft of a vehicle to his laundry list of crimes.

Now White is in jail again; does he have bail this time? If so, will he be returned to Limestone County to await trial there? We anxiously await news on this...and, yes, we used the word anxiously correctly here.

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Anyone have any similar tales to tell about Jock Bo Riley of Franklin County? If any readers think this serial thief is in rehab, guess again.


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  1. I am a victim of Jock bo Riley's crime spree. My house was broke into, TV, computer, etc. plus a car was taken. He was caught next day and confessed. That was over 11 months ago. No trial as of yet.

  2. Hi, my name is Brian Ridgeway it was my car taken during the BP robbery. I walked in while White was taping the clerk but they were on the floor behind the counter I didn't haven't enough time to react. Now here's the crap I'm mad about its costing me 162.00 to get my car back... My car was found just a few hours after on Thursday I still don't have it and it doesn't seem like I will until Tuesday because the investigator is in no hurry it seems??

  3. I would get me a lawyer Mr. Ridgeway. Sorry you had to go through all that.

    About Jock Riley...his family owns a hot dog stand here in Franklin County. He's been a police informant for a number of years. He's always in and out of trouble. Hey a man's gotta support his drug habit by any means necessary huh?!?

  4. What a POS thinks he's a gang banging tough guy. I dont understand why people like this are allowed to keep getting away with commiting crime after crime and vitimising people. Obama said he wants to create some shovel ready jobs well how about we build more jails and prisons for dirt bag scum like this guy?

  5. Luke White is VERY bad news and very violent. He should have been locked away a long time ago.

  6. Yeah that's why your too scared to show your name I bet you wouldn't say that to him in person. He's a wonderful person. That's my brother and people make mistakes. Stop judging that's not your place.