Monday, December 19, 2011

No Mahindra?/Bailey Quarters Joins Us

For some time, we have labored in the vineyard of blogging with only three regular contributors. Among those who have submitted several guest commentaries is Bailey Quarters. She will now become a regular contributor, usually focusing on either comment, addenda, or rebuttal to what has been previously written here. We hope you'll enjoy Bailey's Bailiwick.

Who Buys the Beer?

A few years ago I was traveling to Nashville for the weekend when I realized Loretto would probably be both the cheapest place to buy gas and the last stop to buy a TimesDaily in Tennessee. When I got in line at the store to pay, there were seven men in front of me, and while I waited three others took their place behind me. What did these ten men have in common?

They all were purchasing beer, some in large quantities. Since it was around 3:30 on a Friday afternoon this was probably a usual scenario. What else did these men have in common? I wouldn't have wanted to have met any of them in a dark alley. Sure, they were dressed for work, not a wedding, but they didn't give off any vibes of civic responsibility.

This is what the Southside Baptist children will be seeing next to their playground if TNS Convenience Store is given a license to sell beer. Think about a football field. Then think about 187 feet. The distance of the store to the church playground is just 62% of the length of that football field. Would you want your children that close to a constant steam of who knows what? I wouldn't.


The Wall Street Journal is reporting Mahindra Navistar will not be locating at the RSA facility in Colbert County. Obviously, such a large project should be kept under wraps as long as possible in order to finalize important details. We still have hopes that this Indian industrial giant will partner with Navistar in Alabama.

We're just not sure the T-20/T-40 pickups are the best fit for the Barton facility. Mahindra is currently being sued by 350 US dealers for breach of contract. The Indian automaker has failed to deliver promised vehicles to these dealers, and no end to the suit is in sight.


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  1. Ah yes the old "people who buy beer are shady" complaint. Be sure to keep your children out of Walmart and grocery stores, elsewise they might be subjected to seeing these law abiding EVILDOERRRRS :eyeroll: