Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mahindra Automotive Coming to Shoals?/Amanda Alert Petition

Mahindra T-20/T-40 Pickup

Just what is Mahindra Automotive and what will it do for Barton/Cherokee and the Shoals? The Indian automotive giant is a part of Mahindra & Mahindra, a huge conglomerate founded in 1945 and based in Mumbai. From their Navistar Truck website:

Indian roads can be more than a little challenging thanks to wide variation in terrain, inclement weather, and a large percentage of unpaved or unmaintained routes. To succeed, you need a transportation solution that can handle it all. We designed the Mahindra Navistar truck ground-up in India to excel in Indian conditions, so that you have a more than able partner in your business.

At the core of our Heavy Commercial Vehicle range are our revolutionary MaxxForce engines. These state of the art engines deliver high performance at high fuel efficiency and meet EPA and Euro emissions standards. Join us at the cutting edge of pro-environment business solutions.

Our trucks come in two sizes, depending on the load carrying capacity – the MN25 and MN31, which can carry 25 and 31 tons respectively. The MN25 offers you best-in-class ride and handling with its four-point suspended cabin, optimized steering and suspension, and low turning radius for excellent maneuverability. Its generous cabin space makes your ride pleasant for you and a passenger.

The MN31 features a strong and durable suspension, rugged chassis aggregates, robust brakes and heavy duty axles to handle its superior torque—all low maintenance and easy to repair. The roomy cabin seats three people to accommodate personnel needs on long trips. Bring along a co-driver or passenger—or enjoy the ample space yourself.

We met both Indian and European safety standards to make sure you’re safe even in adverse driving conditions.

Assuming total production of the T-20/T-40 truck line should move to the Navistar plant near Cherokee...well, perhaps considering our track record, we shouldn't count our trucks until they're off the assembly line.

We can definitely say that Mahindra has refused proposals to produce their trucks in U.S. states that do not have "right to work" laws; in other words, don't expect old-time Detroit wages to be paid at the Barton facility.


Yesterday we speculated that the new RegionalCare hospital will be built on Locker land located off Hwy. 47 northeast of Florence. This large tract of land is actually owned by Mrs. John Locker Sr. There has also been speculation that former ECM CEO Joe Roach didn't wish to pay fair market value for this choice parcel. Perhaps RegionalCare will now be forced to offer a realistic price if they want construction to begin next year.


Are you often perplexed concerning missing adults and police policy? Here's your chance to change existing laws:


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