Friday, December 30, 2011

Are You a Fit Parent?/Mug Shots?

Are You a Fit Parent?

A Guest Commentary By

Mark Davis

As a fit parent advocate, married or unmarried parents should watch the following 35 minute shocking documentary about how parental rights are being violated.

The video features three married families. One of the three true stories is about a Court that ordered fit parents limit their child's church attendance because the child didn't want to attend Church three times a week.

If anyone is of the opinion similar would never happen in Alabama, it goes on every day in the Alabama Judiciary. I have personal knowledge of this because I have fielded hundreds of emails and telephone calls from other Alabama parents in my efforts to reform Alabama family law.

In 2008, Madison County Circuit Court Judge Billy Bell determined one parent should not have custody of her child because she was "too religious". This judicial judgment made national media program "Inside Edition" but was not reported by main stream media in Alabama. See the story here:

In 2006, Lauderdale County Circuit Court Judge Ned Suttle determined over my objection it was in my daughters best interests to attend daycare 35 hours each week rather than spend one-half of that time in my personal care, which she had been accustomed due to a Tennessee Court judgment implemented against the other parents wishes. At daycare our daughter was cooped up in a 12'x12' room watching videos with 15 other children most of the day.

In 2011, when the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals was asked to determine if the 2006 Alabama trial court's judgment was void because it violated my fundamental parenting rights, Justice Terry A. Moore in an written opinion said, "The simple fact that a court has erroneously applied the law does not render its judgment void."

This determination is on appeal in the Supreme Court of the United States. A decision whether that Court will accept the case is expected in March 2012.

Don't wait until the Court has shocked your conscience.

Be informed now.

Elections are forthcoming in 2012.

Watch the Free video "Overruled" violations to parental rights, the three minute trailer:

Alabama fit parents can find more information how to educate themselves in safeguarding their fundamental parental rights on the Alabama Family Rights Association website at


Do you read Hard Times? Even if you don't, you've seen it at the mini-mart. Now The Quad-Cities Daily has started carrying these mug shots and arrest records online. There's currently some controversy on Facebook as to whether it's ethical to publish records of those arrested, but not convicted.

It's been some time since we've had a poll, and this seems like a fitting issue. The poll is unscientific at best, but only one vote will be counted per IP address.


Comments welcome. No profanity. No vulgarity. No libelous statements. Get it? Got it! Good...


  1. Actually it's public records who goes to jail so really it shouldn't matter if they put in the hard times or not. Just my opinion though. I mean every day/every other day the Times Daily posts a Law & Order section which provides arrests/address/charges they also publish stories with the suspects face/charges/address so really I don't see a difference. I just feel like if you do not break the law then you wouldn't have to worry about it. I'm sorry if you are embarrassed because your family member/friend Little Bobby or Sweet Susie is in there but remember that you can't change them. It's crazy how now days everyone wants to claim slander and threaten to sue. You can't sue someone for a public record. IJS. Oh yeah that wasn't directed to you SS that was about the controversy on FB.

  2. since they are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, not public opinion, what would it hurt to wait and release that information once they've been convicted?

  3. Ok. you can get arrested for many things. and not be close to being Guilty , it happens !
    I have no problem with Law and Order or Hard Times , if they Post when someone is found not to be Guilty, by that time the Damage has been done to an Innocent person , with name and picture blasted in the News Paper or Hard Times.
    One more thing I have no problem with what Hard Times does. but only if they POST EVERONES picture that is arrested for what ever reason. By saying that, a short and true story of two of my very close friends. both are good people but both made a mistake in judgement, and got arrested for the same thing in the same City. "Friend A" , got his picture in the Hard Times , "Friend B" did not !! "Friend A" has paid and is paying the price for that mistake in judgement and it has cost him jobs and yes he doing all the right things now as he was court odered to do, as going to classes, hearing an empack panel , being tested. Now "friend B" had all charges droped by a Judge becasue the arresting Officer did not show up at the court Date not once but 3 times. so now "friend B" is right back to his ways and nothing on his record. I guess my quesstion is who does and who does not get their picture in Hard Times and why or how does that work?
    And same quesstion why did this officer not show up at these court Dates and what court Dates would he show up at or not? I guess how many times has this happened. I know the Officer and never cared for him at all in the dealing with any Officer he is the only one I should have reported him for his conduct and actions to me and my family , we was the victims, but that has nothing to do with what is right or wrong and the whys..
    I talked to this Judge about this Officer, as to has this happened before of him not showing up at court dates and the Judge did say yes and the Judge did say he was going to talk to the Cheif about it if he did or not I have no Ideal.
    I am not sharing this to get "Friend B" into trouble, that would be to late if I was. I am just stating the facts in two cases I have personal knowledge of. But yes it would not brother me if the officer got Fired !