Thursday, December 15, 2011

Second Suit Filed Against Russellville

Salah Salah, owner of TNS Mini-Mart on Hwy 43 in Russellville, has officially filed suit against the city. This is the second lawsuit brought against the Franklin County seat this year. Five former female inmates of the town's jail also have a pending suit against the city, Russellville Police Department, Chief Chris Hargett, and Sgt. Jeremy Hall, alleging sexual abuse while incarcerated.

Should Salah be granted a city license to sell beer and wine? Here are opinions from readers and others across the state:

* The Russellville City Council obviously respects Islam more than Salah Salah, he should thank them for helping him be faithful to his religion.

* I love the way people throw around the race card when it fits their agenda. It's also comforting to know that only Caucasians can be racists, as made evident by the fact that minorities consistently get a pass on uttering hateful racial epithets directed toward Caucasians. I'd like to see the liberal explanation for this phenomenon.

* ...I'm a minority too...a tax paying, hard working WASP...wonder how many of the "entitled" I actually support...

* Its ok with me if Muslims drink beer. Mormons too for that matter. But they can get it at the Wavaho like the rest of us. They don't need special privileges like the Mexicans.

* There are 17 dry counties (at one time) in Alabama. The state is the ONLY supplier of spirits at the wholesale level. The whole system is hypocritical.

* I thought Muslims didn't drink. Are they allowed to sell what the Koran forbids?

* Again the perfidies of the Muslim "so-called" religion: It is supposed to be against their "religion" to be around alcoholic beverages. This man needs to get a reality check. His business is next to a church and he wants to sell beer? That is an obviously directed insult to Christians and needs to be slapped down. Treat this guy how we would be treated if we "disrespected" his religion in his country.

* Russellville did not have this problem when they were dry. The bootleggers handled it all, some even delivered.

* Vietnamese is not a race; the "race" would be Mongoloid and the people are considered Asian. Hispanic is not a race at all but is an ethnic group made up of people from varying races or a blend of more than one. A Muslim is a person who follows Islam religion and has nothing to do with "race". Muslims are made up of people from every race on Earth and various blends of the different races.

* I wish folks would use a dictionary and discover the actual definition of "racism". It doesn't include culture, religion, or geography.

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Is there any humor in Russellville's current legal difficulties? From our friends at The Connection: Salah Salah


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  1. I am surprised you linked to The Connection article (No, I'm not). I don't find any humor in furthering stereotypes. None. Do you? Do your readers like for people outside of Alabama to generalize about Alabama rednecks?

  2. We offer various opinions on topics we publish. Our addy is also published and we will publish stories from our readers. I'd say we're just surprised someone comes to this country and opens a store next to a church and then sues because he can't sell beer. My personal opinion is the town of Russellville has some very high fees and is discouraging liquor sales but that is not discrimination.

  3. I don't understand how blocking someone from selling beer because they are near a church, even though they are far away enough to legally do so, can be viewed as anything other than religious discrimination.

    Unless some of the few stores currently selling are paying someone off... but I mean, corruption? In the Russellville city council? Preposterous right?

  4. Russellville's own liquor ordinance specifies 500 feet. Whether this is legal or not will probably decided in the courts.

  5. @Trader: Just because you publish various opinions doesn't mean you SHOULD. Why would you want to further negative stereotypes? It's an editorial decision you make to publish trash like that. I doubt you would publish something bashing ignorant, redneck bigots.

  6. is the big fear that people are going to try to sneak beer into the church? Why is proximity such a big deal?

  7. I don't know how a city law could override a state law, but I don't see religious discrimination. I saw a FB comment on this particular blog about losing IQ points. Sure, some of the comments are ignorant, but you just published what readers wrote. I used your blog to help teach grammar when I worked with juveniles. :)