Sunday, December 4, 2011

Special Report: Amanda Taylor's Body Found?

Amanda Taylor of Muscle Shoals has been missing for approximately six weeks. From her father:

Amanda Taylor was last seen at a residence on Moss Avenue in Muscle Shoals Alabama on Oct 17th 2011 under very suspicious circumstances. She did not return home that night nor did she report to work the next day. A missing person report was made on the 19th of October 2011.

She had no drivers license, no SS card or any ID of any kind, no purse or money, and no car. Only thing she had was the clothes she had on. She has not been seen nor heard from by ANY of her family or friends since that day. We are very worried about her and her safety. There are some who have been asked to take polygraphs, but have declined citing the unreliability of such tests and the room for human error as the reasons.

Police are vigorously investigating this case and are investigating as though she has suffered bodily harm and are following EVERY lead that is given to them. If ANYONE has ANY information concerning Amanda's disappearance please contact Muscle Shoals Police (Det Lanny Cowan or Det Graig Rickman) @ 256-383-6746 or myself Billy Leeth @ 256-412-8925. This investigation IS NOT GOING AWAY as some folks might like it to. I will continue to try to find our daughter until she is located or those responsible for or associated with her disappearance is caught.

I ask for your prayers for Amanda and her family. She has three children all under 14 yrs of age, two sisters, one brother and a stepbrother, father and a stepmother. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated

Now a body has been found near a known hotbed of drug activity in Leighton. If anyone knows anything about Amanda, please call Muscle Shoals Police at


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