Thursday, December 8, 2011

Laurel Pruett & Ronald Weems: Persons of Interest in Amanda Taylor Disappearance

Laurel (ChubbyLette) Pruett

Ronald E. (Ron Wikked) Weems

Ronald Weems and Laurel Pruett have both been taken into custody relating to the October 17th disappearance of Amanda Leeth Bailey Taylor. They considered themselves the perfect couple; did they think they had committed the perfect crime?

Weems, who often goes by the name Ron Wikked, had been married to Amanda's sister Brandy and was the father of her two children. Pruett, a native of Huntsville, had also been married and was the mother to three children when she met Ron, whom she called her soul mate. Together they had a child, but soon found it impossible to live together. They separated in October at approximately the same time Amanda Taylor went missing.

When taken into police custody Tuesday, Weems, 33, had already moved another woman into his mother's home on Moss Avenue in Muscle Shoals. Pruett, 35, was living in Sheffield. Neither has been officially arrested, and Amanda's family is still waiting for answers.

Sources with the Muscle Shoals Police Department have a possible motive for whatever may have happened to Amanda, but they have asked us not to release this information until formal arrests are made. In the mean time, Amanda is still missing and her family is still in a state of limbo.

Are these outcasts of society capable of murder? On Laurel Pruett's Facebook page she lists her favorite quote:

"Swing our hatchets if we must
Each and every one of us"



  1. I hope these people get what they deserve!

  2. Her favorite quote listed above are song lyrics from an Insane Clown Posse song. Does this make everyone that listens to this music an outcast and capable of murder? Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Possible motives doesn't prove guilt, evidence does. This is a terrible situation and I feel terrible for Amanda's family, but what above the families and loved ones of Laurel and Ron who are being destroyed because of allegations that have yet to be proven?

  3. Just a side note, the quote you list is a section of lyrics from a song from I.C.P. witch is totaly irellivent to the story at hand. Also before everyone starts about I.C.P. (Insane Clown Posse) I along with alot of other people like and listen to there music, as well as the music of other artist with the Phycopathic record lable and have no intentions of murdering anyone.

  4. I'm glad they are off the streets, but so said for the sweet pretty girl that is missing. So sad this had to happen here in our nice community.

  5. I hope Amanda's family get justice! This was so uncalled for and now there are children without a mother!

  6. Have they found the body yet? I keep hearing missing person and murder yet I have not seen anywhere that they have a confirmed body. If I were the family, I would be more vigilant in trying to find my missing daughter than pointing the blame at someone. I know I wouldn't be that quick to write her off as dead unless I absolutely without a doubt knew she was dead. The quote above is a song lyric and by insane clown posse. A quick entry into your browser will tell you that. The "Wikkid" is also a reference to the band. I hope that the police are not letting the accusations and high profile of the case allow them to be careless. Arresting someone for murder is not something that should ever be taken lightly. Did you see a murder? Did you verify their identity? Did you accuse them without absolute proof that they killed this grown woman (who by the way shows on facebook that she was friends with the woman above)? I hope you never fall into a situation where you are guilty until proven innocent. Sad thing is, if they are found to be innocent, you will never see that on the news. Let God punish the guilty and you pray for the truth to be seen, pray for all families involved- including the children of the accused.

  7. they did find the REMAINS

  8. Matthew 6:1, 7:1, 7:5 and John 8:7 come to mind. Look them up, and allow for due process to run its course. And if those verses don't give you pause, then there is little hope for you.

  9. The body was in their basement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And no nobody is crazy killer all because they listen to I.C.P i listen to their music too and im not a crazy killer and i dont plan to be either!!!!!!!!


  11. im ashamed at the way the media has taken all the quotes and how they are now saying icp is like a gang like bloods or crips because its not. and if whoever did there reserarch obviously missed the song thy unveiling where it says they follow god! im truly sorry for amandas family and the familys of ron and laurels they all are going through a tough time now and they need prayers.

  12. If you kill somebody and then post some britney spears lyrics on your facebook I guess that means Britney spears cause the woman to go kill somebody? Come on now.. THEY ARE LYRICS. That woman said she was "bi polar" So how about you blame her illness not the music she listens to! Her and her boyfriend killed that innocent woman and they did it because they are psycho's and thought 10,000 dollars was enough to kill somebody over. I hope they both rot in prison.

  13. Ron weems is a killer. He has talked about killing others in the past.


  15. They kept this a secret from us! So why should their friends be arrested?

  16. They did not all confess...get the facts straight

  17. The friends who "know a lot about the case" were blindsided by this right along with the rest of you. We never thought they could be capable of doing this kind of thing.

    For your information, and I hope you're reading very intently here, the friends we saw on a daily basis were NOT hatchet-swinging, bloodthirsty killers who talked about horrorcore and gore and death all the time. They didn't have "hitlists" with names of people they wanted to kill, they didn't stalk people while singing lyrics to ICP songs, they didn't follow "the juggalo family" out and about committing crimes in the name of whatever it is you think they did this over.

    They were good parents, who loved their kids, tried to pay their bills on time, and generally acted like good people to the ones they cared about. Just like the rest of you claim to be. We didn't see any sort of "warning signs", and they only painted up like clowns for Halloween. Ron only dressed up in his outfit with the swords for the Renaissance Faire, which is still only once a year in Florence, to the best of my knowledge.

    We don't defend their actions, we don't condone what they did and we are still reeling from the shock and sadness. We are also without OUR loved ones and we are learning how to adjust to that in our daily lives. Looking back, there is just no point that ANY of us can honestly say, "Yeah they started acting nervous and shifty, they were different people after that date." They had us fooled, too.

    So. Tell me again, why should we be arrested?

  18. Jamie, I have a question for you. You say "They were good parents, who loved their kids, tried to pay their bills on time, and generally acted like good people to the ones they cared about."

    My question is....Laurel has 2 DISABLED children that she doesn't have custody of...why is that again? That sure seems like a good parent that loves their kid(s) (sarcasm intended) Also since they are such upstanding citizens,loving parents blah blah blah please tell me why was it they chose to torture/kill/dismember a young woman/mother only feet away from their only remaining child?

    Please I understand wanting to be a friend but sometimes think of the moral consequences of having/supporting such "wonderful friends"

    One more thing I do have kid(s) and as a mother I know I wouldn't do anything to lose custody of my children exspecially not murder someone for God's sake. I could personally care less if they listened/sang Kum-bi-eye around a camp fire the point is THEY KILLED & DISMEMBERED SOMEONE!!! Not only some unknown person but RON'S EX-SISTER-N-Law.

    Instead of coming on here defending these MONSTERS why not defend the poor innocent victims....the children. Amanda's 3, Amanda's nieces(Ron's 2 older children), Laurel & Ron's baby. I swear you supporters do not make yourself credible coming on a blog to support these 3 pyschos. How about go to the DA or attend their trials.

    1. Tiffiany.
      Let me make this very clear to you right hear right now. I know laurel pruett, I've known her pretty much my whole life, don't you dare sit there and say she wasn't a good mother because she was, she is for that matter. Get the facts before you start making accusations like that. You have no idea what she's been through. The laurel pruett I know would not do this she just isn't capable of such a hanous act. She's good hearted, she's loving, and she's a really good person. she would do anything in the world for anyone., except kill she doesn't have it in her. Her daughter has sizures, and her son has adhd. That doesn't make them disabled either, that makes them unique. You got to know laurel# parents especially her mom and know how her mom treated her, her mom acted like she was nothing, and yet laurel made it on her own. I know anything and everything there is to know about her. So get the facts straight before you go running your mouth about something you don't know anything about. GOT IT!!!!

  19. I would like to point out a few FACTS. The body was not found in the Basement but in the woods next to a field. The actual murder was committed by only ONE of them, Ron, in his basement. Laurel and the other guy came into play AFTER the fact. They were the ones who convinced Ron to cover it up and how to do it. She had him file a fake assault and helped to burn the personal items and the guy had him dismember the body. The only time any of the other 2 even touched the body was to move it to the car trunk. ALL of this was in the news reports! Just wanted to make sure all the facts were straight. Laurel did not actually murder anyone, she just helped cover it all up. Which in my opinion was bad enough, but if your going to talk about someone its best to know exactly what your talking about.

    As for ICP, I listen to them, I do not consider myself a jugalette but I do enjoy the music. I have since I was in HS. I am a mother of 3 beautiful children. I dont have any feelings of going out and murdering anyone and now im 31. Been listening to it since I was 16. Music is just that, music! It is only what you make of it. Ron had a lot of mental issues that nobody even realized. Which I feel came into play. Don't get me wrong, I don't EVER condone or approve murdering someone. That is NEVER the answer, this could have came out a whole lot different if they would have just stayed away from each other and he had been seeing a therapist. They believe it was all over the fact she stole something out of Rons house and went over there to talk to him about it. They argued and it escalated till he lost it. Still doesn't make it ok, but she knew of his temper, it was an issue with her sister and him when they were married, yet she still went over there. They were both wrong and unfortunately it ended up in a young mothers death. I feel remorse for her family, kids and friends and also for his family, kids and friends. Both sides lost people they loved and cared for. MURDER is NEVER the answer. I only wish that he could have gotten the mental help he truly needed and this all could have been avoided! I am praying for all 4 sides families and friends, in the end, they are the ones truly suffering in this whole ordeal.

  20. To the comment above,

    How can you call Amanda wrong for going to her once family's house and being murdered. Regardless of her knowledge of Ron's temper she had all rights to see her family, and even if she had stolen something, there is no way that that should have escalated into a brutal murder of a once relative. I believe something else was the motive. Something that no one knows except Ron. There is no way this man was or is criminally insane. His history was of being angry not psychotic, and He clearly displayed mens rea, (guilty mind) by trying to cover up her identity and by hiding the body. This disqualifies him from using the insanity plea.*

    Another point I'd like to make is that if you are going to post such a big know it all comment about the "facts" as you know them don't assume them to be correct unless you have a source to cite. People shouldn't have to take your word for it. If any of your information is correct Ron allegedly had mental problems (proof?), and Amanda allegedly stole something from Ron. She did not steal something, and Ron did not have mental problems, but she allegedly stole something and Ron allegedly was mental. Considering your only source for that statement was "they" you might say she allegedly allegedly stole something and may have went to talk about it with an allegedly alleged psycho. You are accusing the dead of theft. There is no need for that. You are also wrongly sympathizing with an accused murderer by talking about his undocumented mental illness. You should think about what you write before you publish it, because any dead person deserves more respect than that.

    In my opinion this is a terrible event. While rare in our area, one murder a decade would be too many. My best wishes go out to the family of Amanda, and I hope that justice will be swift and precise. May no one who wasn't actually an accessory to murder be punished, and I hope that the investigation accurately punishes those who were involved.

    Personally, I think that to many people are treating this like a spectacle and have too many pointless and misleading things to say about it. I hope some of you who are in no way involved can learn to keep your comments to yourself. The ones I'm talking about are the ones who have nothing intelligent to say, nothing positive to say to the family of the victims, and are obviously taking sides without viewing the evidence.

    *"The insanity defense and diminished capacity". Legal Information Institute: Federal Law. Cornell University Law School.

  21. I am way old in this BUT I met Laurel in Huntsville when she had 2 kids. Her house was nasty. You could smell it outside. You could barely walk into the front door. There was cat feces & the smell of urine all over. She had a daughter who had seizures who if fell would likely get hurt in that dump. At the time her son was running around like a wild animal with no supervision. Neither of the kids were being watched over & just doing as they pleased. They were far too young & sick to be lefr alone. Maybe she changed after moving but ask the first 2 kids if she was a good mother back then? I don't think she could change that much. She had 2 neglected kids, lost custody, & made more! Sorry but her priorities were in the wrong place. She was a nasty dirty person in Huntsville. I still can't get the smell & that place out of my head & it's been a long time. I am Glad these kids have been given a second chance!