Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why Was McKenzie Corey Johnson Even Out of Prison?

Sheffield police are looking for McKenzie Corey Johnson, and we have to ask why. Not why are they looking for him specifically, but why is it necessary to look for him at all. Why is this man not in prison?

In July 2010, less than 18 months ago, Johnson was arrested during a routine traffic stop in Tuscumbia. From a news report at the time:

McKenzie Corey Johnson, 29, of Sheffield, Ala., was arrested on charges of failure of a sex offender to verify his identity, second-degree forgery and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia. Johnson at first tried to conceal his identity after crack cocaine was found in his vehicle.

Considering Johnson's record, why were these crimes not enough to return him to prison for several years. We recently quoted a Russellville police officer who used the expression "revolving door to prison." Apparently this is the case with Johsnon. If you have knowledge of his whereabouts, call Sheffield police at: 256-383-1771.

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Losing IQ Points: We recently published a series of comments from around the state concerning Salah N. Salah's suit against the town of Russellville. One Facebook reader mentioned losing IQ points after reading these snips. We'll admit they weren't the most erudite of opinions, but apparently the literati didn't choose to comment on the situation. Now we've discovered a blog that will make these quotes look like the work of Gore Vidal. Enter at your own risk.


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