Saturday, July 24, 2010

Revisiting Sheffield Sex Offenders

When last we visited Sheffield, the Alabama Public Safety Registry listed 27 Sexual Offenders/Predators as residents. We've heard the theory that such numbers are skewed by zip codes extending beyond city limits, but that can hardly be the case in this land-locked Colbert County town.

Among those listed are Rudy Stanback, now deceased, and James Roy Sibley, currently incarcerated in the Lauderdale County Detention Center. Joining the exodus as of Wednesday is McKenzie Corey Johnson, 29, who on September 20, 2002, forced sexual contact on a 10 year-old female.

Johnson, who while awaiting trial managed to commit Third Degree Robbery later that year, served five years for Sexual Abuse and was released on April 29, 2007. Since that time, he has been living with his sister Tamika on Dover Avenue, just one block north of bustling Second Street.

Now Johnson has been arrested in Tuscumbia for a laundry list of crimes, including lying about his identity. If these Colbert County charges aren't enough to put him away for the immediate future, he also faces charges in Bibb County.

Three down and 24 to go...


If the name McKenzie Corey seems familiar to you, there's good reason. Johnson was apparently named after a popular 1970s soap opera character. McKenzie Corey was the requisite millionaire industrialist who appeared regularly in Another World. It's unfortunate that his namesake didn't follow in Mac's footsteps. The State lists Johnson as unemployed, a popular condition among Sheffield SOs.


On Cherokee: "Granted undercover operation is probably what some people would consider what Mason did. It was certainly not what one would expect from The fabulous four. Too bad some of the other problems cannot be solved the same way. At least some good came out of it and I am sure Mason's friends are happy. Am pretty sure problems were in and around her home and district if truth be told. As for phone calls to council members are concerned; I think they all have phones off hook half the time. You can't even call the Mayor and get an answer half the time." - "Anonymous" referring to our lackluster use of spell check. Mea Culpa--covert should have been culvert.


We've received kind words concerning our new Shoals Blog Directory, as well as our links to various local blogs. With the exception of one or two we've found demeaning to the Shoals or containing plagiarism, we've tried to list all that originate in our beautiful part of the Tennessee Valley.

Two great blogs have recently updated their logos and are worth a second look if you haven't visited recently. Both Margaret's prose and photography in The Brown Recluse rival work found in much larger metropolitan areas.

If you're looking for a new family member, don't fail to check out DOGed PURRsuit. While the blog isn't connected to our blogging group, it is written by our Nurse Nan. Be sure to send her any news of pet adoptions and similar events.


Today C. R. officially joins us in the vineyard. Welcome, C. R.; we appreciate your reports from Cherokee and Colbert County and are delighted that you're now a permanent part of our group.