Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Local Heroes/The Sherwin-Williams Police

Since we're finally able to take a breather from the onerous election season, we're taking the opportunity to initiate two new segments. The first is "Local Heroes" and should be self-explanatory. This award will offer no monetary prize or resume' fillers, but we hope it will bring these hard-working individuals some well-deserved thanks.

Local Heroes know that, while the economy may trickle down, social or political success pushes upward--the major reason our blog focuses on local events rather than the often misguided efforts of the Washington scene.

Our first Local Hero is Steve Wiggins of Sheffield. Steve knows that President Obama is not planning on visiting Sheffield, on viewing Second Street or the railroad tracks and properly tut-tutting, on offering millions of dollars in stimulus funds just to revitalize the town many Colbert Countians call home. No, Steve is working in all areas of Sheffield to make his hometown a better place. Think you can do better than Steve? We're pretty sure he's not egotistical; give him a call and join him on his quest to make Sheffield all it can be.


The Sherwin-Williams Police? Maybe that one's not as self-explanatory, but we think reporting such arrests is necessary. Our first report is a bust at the Green Life Package Store in Littleville. The Sherwin-Williams SWAT team was seen wearing haz-mat suits as they entered the bile green building. Officials speaking on the promise of anonymity said the structure wasn't difficult to track down--it glows in the dark. Known cohorts of Green Life are various title-pawn shops scattered throughout the Shoals. Let's hope this Littleville emporium will reform after its first arrest.


Sources at Helen Keller Hospital have identified the toddler who drowned earlier today as the daughter of Jerry and Teresa Cagle. Jerilyn Grace Cagle was pronounced dead at the hospital in which she was born. She would have been two years old on July 26th.


For those who just can't get enough of Cherokee, we should have a special report sometime after Noon today. Thanks to C. R. and others for keeping our readers up to date on all sides of this conflict--now threatening to take on the mantle previously enjoyed only by England's One Hundred Year War.