Monday, July 26, 2010

Sex Offender at Chuck E Cheese

An alert customer informed Sheffield Police that a convicted sex offender was seen Friday at Chuck E Cheese on Hatch Boulevard. Authorities arrived within minutes of the complaint, questioned the suspect, and released him. Since the offender's listed victim was over the age of 12, he is allowed to attend functions where young children are present.

Our contact at the Sheffield Police Department identified the subject, and while the offender's specific charge is indeed listed as abuse of a 13 year-old girl, he was also accused of sexual contact with a child as young as 11. Like many others, he was an authority figure, from a well-known family, and not one fitting the mold of a "dirty old man."

Is it any worse when those who abuse our children are those to whom we have entrusted their care? Perhaps not, but it should certainly be a wake-up call to all parents. Kudos to the customer who informed the authorites.


C. R. reports from Cherokee on another ethics violation:

Friday Cherokee Councilpersons Glover and Mason found out that an ethics complaint was filed against them. The complaint stated both councilpersons voted on matters related to their family members. Monday morning Councilman Mike Malone will learn the same thing. The complaint against Malone has to do with voting on matters related to a family member. Rumors around town state a fourth city councilperson will have an ethics complaint filed against them; which will add another charge against three other councilpersons.