Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kiwi's Haven & Renee' Miskell

If you're a regular reader of our blog, you know the name Renee' Miskell. Renee' has written several guest commentaries for us in which she has demonstrated her concern for those who are abused and otherwise mistreated.

Now, Renee' and her husband Jeffrey are extending that concern to a large group of animals recently confiscated in Minor Hill, Tennessee. Here is Renee's story in her own words:

I just rescued 37 horses, 5 cows, and 3 dogs from Joanne Betty Gutknecht, 76, of Minor Hill, Tn on 7/10/10; who was arrested on 7/2/10 by the Giles County, TN, Sheriff's Office. There are photos at (search Animal Cruelty). The Times Daily kindly printed the article on 7/14/10. Several of the horses were severely emaciated, and two died from starvation.

I will one day be starting Kiwi's Haven, a non-profit organization; but first the case will be heard August 19, 2010 at 8:00 at the Pulaski, TN, Giles County Courthouse.

My husband, Jeffrey Miskell, and I are not millionaires and we are personally taking on this responsibility for the health and welfare of these poor animals that were locked in a world of living hell. Joanne Gutknecht and I were friends but I had to make a decision between severing our friendship over actively speaking out against this painful life of the horses that were literally starving to death.

If anyone is interested in making a financial contribution to our cause, please have them call us at 256-247-1727 and please be sure to leave a message. I assure you that we are not trying to get rich. The cost of bringing back a horse to good health from this type of malnourishment is costly and could rise to the level of $3000-5000 per horse depending on whether they get ill because of their immune systems being down, it could be even more costly.

We need horse halters, horse panels, medicine, feed and hay. I have been blessed already with several phone calls and even one volunteer who came yesterday to assist with the horses after she read the article! I thank the Florence Times Daily for running the article and I thank all of the lovely people who have helped in this rescue operation including cattle haulers, friends, and the Giles County Sheriff's Department.

Thank you Shoalanda for your blog. You are reaching many folks on several important causes.

We have encouraged Renee' to add Kiwi's Haven to Facebook causes. Those wishing to donate may do so via PayPal. We'll be updating this story once the site is set up.

Photo by Matt McKean


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From C. R.:


Any citizen having a house telephone in western Colbert County is very concerned today. Over the weekend news broke about former Mayor Mignon Willis being allowed to hang around the Cherokee Telephone Company for hours at the time. Furthermore, Willis is being allowed to use the telephone company’s computers that hold personal information about the company’s customers. Monday a flood of concerned customers were calling the home office of the telephone company in Jackson, Mississippi. and complaining about the news. We will have to see what action the telephone company takes.


Because of the ongoing feud between the Burger King Four and the city clerk, Mayor Lansdell believes the citizens are not getting the help they need. If you have called city hall or your councilperson and have not received help, please e-mail the mayor and he will respond to your request. The issue has come up after a house was damaged by backed up sewage. To contact the mayor email,