Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Keith McGuire's Next Legal Hearing August 26th

Thirteen months after being found not guilty of a 1990 rape, Lauderdale County native Brian Keith McGuire will again face a judge. The Alabama Board of Education originally sought the revocation of the former Lexington resident's teaching license in June 2008 when it accused him of "immoral conduct or unbecoming or indecent behavior."

After McGuire's indictment on rape charges, Judge Walter Turner postponed his decision in the case until after the criminal proceedings. Due to delays requested by McGuire's attorney, it has taken over a year to set the date for what should be the final legal action in the matter. At this time, new testimony will be presented by both McGuire and the State.

The hearing will be at Clements High School where McGuire resigned from his coaching position in 2002 after stating he had a problem. We will publish more details as they become available.


Youth Versus Experience: During a recent interview in the TimesDaily, Democratic candidate for Franklin County Sheriff Shannon Oliver tauted his relative youth as superior to the experience and wisdom of opponent Terrell Potter. We don't doubt Oliver's sincerity, but we do question his wisdom in the matter.

After spending seven years as a patrol officer, Oliver worked as the Russellville D.A.R.E. officer--a worthwhile position, but not one that prepared him for the role of Sheriff.

We hope that each voter in Franklin County will look at the records of both Oliver and Potter before deciding how to mark the runoff ballot on July 13th. Terrell Potter has achieved his current position in law enforcement through hard work, not nepotism. Franklin County needs Terrell Potter.

What's up with this: The Florence law firm of McCutcheon and Hamner has recently given a lot of bad press to nurses. Perhaps some of you Angels of Mercy in our reading audience would like to send us your take on these ambulance chasers?