Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lowlifes on High Street?

It seems High Street residents in North Central Florence have little luck when contacting Florence Police concerning rampant theft and drug dealing. We suggest a neighborhood meeting to set up surveillance teams. Videotape doesn't lie--it would seem to be your best bet in this case.


Columnist Reg Henry may win our Favorite Quote of the Year Award with this one referring to Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions: It is widely known that the graves will open before the senator's mind does.


According to Saturday's TimesDaily, the Alabama Music Hall of Fame Board of Directors is seeking Troy King's opinion on the amount of vacation pay due fired director David Johnson--this should be interesting. In fact, it was one of the most interesting tidbits in the article, considering the fact there have apparently been no problems with Johnson's vacation pay during the 21 years he served as director. For someone who claims he hates negative publicity, John Briggs certainly courts it at every opportunity.


And now, another opinion from Cherokee. This one by A. W. who provides some interesting food for thought.:

In regard to your post of July 10, News from Cherokee by C. R., some of it is misleading.

  • As long as there are no more than three (3) council members together at one time (it takes four (4) to make a quorum) no law is broken.

  • It is the responsibility of the council members to research any issues before them.

  • Any research that is done has to be done prior to the meeting.

  • Discussing the issues and sharing their research is the accepted practice in most political circles.

  • Lobbying other council members to gain their support for a motion you plan to make is also accepted practice.

As for as the town clerk having set hours for lunch, in as small a town as Cherokee, I personalty don't think it is that important. However, if they do want to set a lunch hour, let the Mayor relieve her. That way the citizens will know when they can catch the Mayor in his office. Yes he is part time but being part time does not preclude him having set hours also.

The statement about them trying to oust Lansdell and Lambert, I don't know. If they are conspiring such wouldn't you think they would have some one lined up for District 2 to replace Glover? Mignon can't serve on the council unless she gives up the water board appointment, and I don't think that is even a remote possibility of that.

Stay tuned next week when Desperate Cherokee Housewives meet the Cherokee Council Apprentices at the Big Betty House.