Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Josh Willingham Endorses Billy Jackson/Cherokee Moving Toward Bedlam

Josh Willingham, Florence native and Washington Nationals baseball player, has endorsed Billy Jackson for Lauderdale County Circuit Court Judge Place 1. In Josh's own words:

I would like to encourage all voters to vote for Billy on July 13th. He will lead by example, experience and integrity as your Circuit Court Judge. A family man for your Family Court Judge. I don't believe you could make a better choice!"

We couldn't have said it better--he will lead by example--a family man for your Family Court Judge. If you're tired of "do as I say, not as I do" politicians, if you're sick of politicians using your tax dollars to give their friends a job, vote for Billy Jackson on Tuesday, July 13th.


Two days ago we published a guest commentary by C. R. concerning the Leighton Police Department. We will be publishing some interesting feedback concerning that column tomorrow, but today we again publish a commentary from C. R. who was present at the Cherokee Town Council Meeting last night.

The Burger King Four Ride Again

After the resignation of the Cherokee district four councilman, the balance of power shifted and the power the former Mayor Mignon “Mullet” Willis held was diminished. Glover, Malone, and Franks were in the back pocket of Mignon Willis. The citizens of Cherokee held out hope that the newly appointed councilwomen would bring a balance to the council, where both sides would have to talk and compromise. Those hopes and dreams were crushed Tuesday night. The new District Four Councilwomen Mason voted lock step with the burger king three. Now with a new member, the burger king four ride again and have the power to pass anything that the puppet master wants.

During the meeting Councilman Steve Glover stated we already have made a decision and Councilwomen Mason stated we have already called the Alabama League of Municipalities. This call did not happen during the meeting and how can the council already discuss an issue before it was discussed. A meeting before a meeting...hope the Alabama Sunshine Law was not broken. Councilwomen Lambert made a motion to pay the city's bills and no one seconded the motion, it died. If the city owes you money, well you are not getting it.

Last week the city clerk moved her desk so it would not be in front of the video camera. Councilwomen Lambert made a motion to move the desk back and take some blinds down in the clerk's office and no one seconded the motion, it died. After several citizens reported that the city clerk was at a ballgame last week while still clocked in at work, Councilwomen Lambert made a motion to set the work hours at 8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. with a lunch break between Noon - 1:00 p.m. No one would second the motion and Councilman Steve Glover made a motion to table the decision on the matter. Councilwomen Mason stated the clerk is on salary and she should be allowed to take lunch when she wants to. Attention Cherokee Citizens, if you have city business, make sure to read your crystal ball before going to city hall, the city clerk might be there or might not.

During a discussion of city employees, Councilman Steve Glover stated Mayor Lansdell could not create another job position. Mayor Lansdell informed Glover a position was not created, an open part time city clerk position was filled. Glover stated the position was not open because Miss Watkins was filling the position of part time city clerk. Mayor Lansdell informed Steve Glover that his mother-in-law Miss Watkins hurt herself at city hall, has filed suit against the city and no longer works here. The Mayor told Glover, to make sure you understand, your mother-in-law is fired and Marsha Allen is hired. The crowd at city hall started to clap and cheer. The crowd was behind Mayor Lansdell and Councilwomen Lambert all night.

To show your support or displeasure with the council please call them and let them know how you feel.

District 1 - J.O. Franks (256) 359-4696

District 2 - Daniel S. Glover, Jr. (256) 359-4364

District 3 - Michael Q. Malone (256) 359-6413

District 4 - Patricia W. Mason (256) 359-4220

District 5 - Thelma Lambert (256) 359-4921


What's up with this: Do UNA football players and the children of UNA employees get a free pass to break the law on campus? Stay tuned...