Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's All Bull...

We always knew there was a lot of bull in this area; now it's official. Ross Hill (pictured) is the 27 year-old current American Bull Fighting Champion. Hill also owns a farm in Muscle Shoals that produces prize bulls.

Props to Hill for his acumen; apparently these matches pay around 15K to the winner--and that's no bull.


Are you buying this bull?
This week the Alabama Music Hall of Fame Board of Directors announced that it's seeking to establish an Alabama Music Hall of Fame Foundation for the purpose of raising funds for the HOF in Muscle Shoals. The establishment of such a foundation would seem prudent--except for the fact that there already exists such a group.

The Friends of the Alabama Hall of Fame has been in existence for several years and supposedly fills the function of fundraiser for the the HOF and related museum. Earlier this year, Hall of Fame Board Director Buel Springer questioned the role of the Friends group and its accounting practices. Since then we have learned that Colbert County accountant Tim Leigh is president of the Friends organization. Obviously, accounting is not the main issue the Hall of Fame Board has with the Friends organization.

Amazing how close the word duplication is to the word duplicitous.


If the Lauderdale County Commission is about to split the duties of EMA/911 Director, why is it revamping George Grabryan's job description now? Don't they have more pressing wastes of time to attend to? Here's a link to the very woolly-bully meeting: Link


Finally, we say bully to O.B.'s Corner in its memorial to Bill (Harvey) Allgood on his birthday.