Sunday, July 25, 2010

Joe Jolly Co.: Another No-Bid Contract

We've mentioned before that the State of Alabama does not place professional services under its bidding umbrella. Why? Obviously there is more to consider than the bottom financial line in such contracts. It's also obvious that such no-bid provisions can lead to, as many have termed it, "good ol' boy" politics at its worst. Ironically, when Mayor Bobby Irons and the late Councilman Scott Carrier sought to open up the position of Financial Advisor to the city, they were the ones accused of wanting to place their cronies in the job.

The Joe Jolly Co. made the news today when its Shoals representative Johnny Dill announced that local bonds financing the Robert Trent Jones Golf Courses were on schedule to pay off early. The Joe Jolly Co. has been the Financial Advisor to Florence since 1979. It also serves in similar capacities to Muscle Shoals and numerous towns across the valley. Like Florence, these cities do not place their contracts out for bids.

By all accounts the Joe Jolly Co. has served Florence and other cities well, but its exclusive contract bothers many. In other words, the City of Florence cannot use any other brokerage firm but Jolly's, located in Birmingham. Is this troubling?

We don't have the financial expertise to answer that, but we do question how anyone would not find the contract anything but good ol' boyin' at its best. Local Jolly representative Dill is the son-in-law of the late Elton Darby. Interestingly, the Joe Jolly Co. has previously donated large amounts to the campaign of Roger Bedford, another Darby son-in-law.

Looking on the bright side, Mayor Irons favored giving the contract to J. P. Morgan, the company that lost its shirt in the Birmingham Sewer Bond boondoggle. We have Scott Carrier to thank for that not coming to fruition.


An update on Kiwi's Haven from Renee' Miskell:

Instead of opening the paypal account (which would take too much time that I don't have), I wanted to let you know that the Elgin, Alabama Co-op is allowing donors to call in their credit card numbers. The Elgin Co-op phone number is 256 247 3453. Mention that they want to apply credit to the Jeff & Renee Miskell account. This way we can buy feed, halters, corral panels, medicine, etc.

I have rescued 37 horses, 5 cows, and 3 dogs. Joanne Gutknecht (was my friend) was not feeding them, letting them starve to death; two died. Now I am going to court Aug. 19 on the hearing. Then hopefully the horses can be placed in new foster homes. It's been quite a project! Never a dull moment. Tank got excited by all of the mares, broke 4 wood panels, cut his leg wide open, treating that now. He should be okay. A mare cut her leg, treating that. A gelding cut his leg, treating that. Walking 7 dogs morning and night. Feeding and treating 37 horses with rain rot, cutting manes and tails that were matted. Two horses looked like they had a fifth leg because the tail was so matted and touched the ground. I've made quite a stir in the Arabian horse community, been in the newspaper and on two tv stations. Spent $5000 already. Taking donations.

Really hot...105...grass is drying up. Already feeding our winter hay supply to Joanne's horses.

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Now here's Johnny & Roger, uh, Moe & Joe...

Thanks to Matt Osborne for the idea for today's blog on Joe Jolly.