Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lewd Lawayne Back in the News/Smile for the Camera

Lawayne Harrison, mayor of Leighton, announced Monday that he didn't care if he had a council to work with or not. Harrison is no stranger to controversy:

Sex and Lies in Leighton

Same Song, Second Verse


Thanks to Doc's Political Parlor for mentioning Lecia Ford's excellent account of her early life in Leighton. We'll have more from Lecia later. If you've never visited Doc's Parlor, you've been missing the best political blog in the state.


Be sure to catch Trader's new review of Ichiban in Sheffield: Link


The latest on the Cherokee Council meeting this morning from C. R.:

Smile for the Camera, Cherokee

With WAFF TV cameras rolling Councilman Steve Glover withdrew his motion and vote in relation to the hiring of his mother-in-law Becky Berryman Wadkins. Councilman Glover submitted a letter to be put into the town’s minutes that explained Glover’s oversight on the vote. Councilman Glover stated “he did not realize that it was an ethics violation to vote on a matter relating to his mother-in-law.”

Mayor Chuck Lansdell had a statement put into the town’s minutes. The Mayor stated “I told and the City Attorney told Councilman Glover his actions were in violation of the law and he decided to vote on the matter anyway.” The Burger King Four Malone, Glover, Mason, and Franks voted to allow the withdraw and Mayor Lansdell and Councilwomen Lambert voted against it.

Councilman Mike Malone made a motion to abolish any part time as needed office vacancies until the next council meeting on Tuesday August 3rd. The Burger King Four passed the motion.

There are currently no part time open vacancies, so one could conclude the council has realized the hiring of Steve’s mother-in-law last week was illegal. The matter will be brought back up at the next meeting. It might be time for the council to attend a few ethics violation classes.