Thursday, July 1, 2010

Murder (Crepe That Is)

June was certainly a month for murder--none being so obvious as the ones many lacking gardening expertise inflicted on their hapless crepe myrtles. Southern Living has an excellent article all crepe myrtle owners should read: link.

For an example of some beautiful crepe myrtles, as well as other shrubbery and landscaping, visit Phillip Oliver's Dirt Therapy. Photos of Florence's annual beautification awards are breathtaking.


Returning to the more malevolent form of the crime, sources say the preliminary autopsy on Randall Scott Shook proved he had been shot three times. Shook's wife Chasity was initially charged with manslaughter, but the next grand jury could up those charges to felony murder.


Family of Justin "Bo" Cummings are adamant that he never threatened the lives of any police officers, as was initially reported. Unless such a threat can be proved, charges of making terrorist threats will have to be dropped.

The Cummings case is not the first one from Russellville where official statements from the police department have been challenged. We have contacts in all area police departments, and Russellville's Police Chief Chris Hargett seems to be the most universally disliked. The area's favorite? Rick Singleton of Florence. We're proud that a man of his moral fiber leads law enforcement in our home town.


Know any Colbert County Deputies on Facebook? Sources say at least two of them give new meaning to the term "gun play" in their photo albums.