Monday, July 19, 2010

Mike Curtis "Fighting" for Memphis-Atlanta Highway

There's nothing like a well-informed politician. Yes, we mean nothing, since whoever heard of a truly well-informed politician in the Shoals? Mike Curtis just proved that he is not breaking that mold.

The Memphis to Atlanta Highway has been in talking stages for around twenty years. About three weeks after the initial route through Huntsville and the Redstone Arsenal was approved, along came a little thing called 9/11. That would have been almost nine years ago, and the army base soon reneged on its promise of access due to security reasons.

According to Alabama Department of Transportation officials, the project was shelved nearly a year ago. Yet, Rep. Mike Curtis of Greenhill stated last week that this was the first he's heard of it (TimesDaily 7/18). Nevertheless, he's going to keep fighting for it.

Do you think we should tell him that Huntsville has already initiated plans for its own new Southern Bypass that eliminates the old Redstone route? There might just be a little duplication there, Mike, but with your keen sense of timing, we're sure Washington is just waiting for your input to get back on track with the project.

Or maybe, just maybe, the voters are wondering why you didn't know the project had been shelved almost a year ago. You might want to look into that...

If you missed it the first time: Link


While on the subject of hypocrisy, Sunday's TimesDaily also editorialized on the lack of formal history in the Shoals. Hmmm, didn't there used to be a weekly historical column in the TD until the new editor took over some months ago?

If it's only in print, is the foot still planted firmly in the mouth?


Quote of the week from Steve Wiggins: Let's all keep trying, and pull The Shoals into the 20th Century whether it likes it or not. And that was NOT a typo.

What's up with this: A whole day has passed and not a peep out of Cherokee. Don't worry, we'll have more tomorrow.