Monday, July 12, 2010

Cherokee: Sneak Attack/Chad Coker Resigns


A Guest Commentary By

C. R.

The Cherokee City Council has called a special meeting for Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. There are three items on the agenda.

1) Termination of Becky Watkins

2) Court Issues

3) Who can sign the city's checks


Firing of Becky Watkins - Councilman Steve Glover could be trying to get his mother-in-law reinstated and fire part time clerk Marsha Allen. A side note to this is Becky Watkins turned in a letter of resignation. Watkins was called back to work after the resignation by city clerk Melinda Malone. This is when Watkins hurt herself and is now filing a workman's comp claim against the city.

Court Issues - The town's Judge Chad Coker has resigned. The council is also going to try to fire the City Attorney Becky Narmore.

City Checks - Currently it takes two people to sign a city check. The town clerk, mayor, or city councilperson can sign a check. Melinda Malone has refused to sign checks for the last couple of months. The mayor and Councilwomen Lambert started paying the city's bills this week when the council refused to approve the appropriations during the last council meeting. The mayor stated he had to take this action to save the town credit rating. The council is going to try to remove the mayor and Lambert from the city's checking accounts.


The Burger King four councilpersons Glover, Malone, Franks, and Mason are trying to have a meeting when no one can attend or are unaware that the meeting is being held. Call your councilperson and voice your opinion.

District 1 - J.O. Franks (256) 359-4696

District 2 - Daniel S. Glover, Jr. (256) 359-4364

District 3 - Michael Q. Malone (256) 359-6413

District 4 - Patricia W. Mason (256) 359-4220

District 5 - Thelma Lambert (256) 359-4921


We were initially surprised by C. R.'s revelation that Chad Coker had resigned as Cherokee Municipal Judge; however, after more thought, we're sure Chad has done what's best for both his career and the town of Cherokee.

The general election campaign should prove strenuous for both Coker and Kyle Brown; municipal court would have taken up time that Chad could better use in promoting his platforms for an improved Colbert County District Court. Also, perhaps such a drastic move as this will wake up a few of Cherokee's citizens who have been content for their elected officials to carry on as if...well, as if they were in an actual Carry On... movie.


Tomorrow is the Alabama Primary runoff. Whether you choose to vote in the Democratic or Republican runoff, it's vital that you do vote. We've made recommendations in three very important local elections; hopefully, the voters have done their homework, engaged in prayer, and will make the right decisions.

May God bless Alabama and the Shoals...