Friday, July 16, 2010


Jerry O'Dell Kelley Jr. escaped last night from the Franklin County Jail. Kelley is a 34 year-old white male originally convicted of the first degree rape of a 13 year-old in Michigan. He had been living in Franklin County unregistered for several months before his arrest for the attempted first degree rape of a minor in the Bear Creek area.

Kelley has several tattoos on his arms and upper body. Our sources indicate Kelley can be violent; do not attempt to approach, but call local authorities.


Tuscumbia PD, under the direction of Chief Tony Logan, just nailed Kelley at Spring Park in Tuscumbia about 30 Minutes ago (around 5 PM). He was apprehended after a short foot chase and is back in custody. - From TPD

Many thanks to Tuscumbia Police!