Monday, November 30, 2009

Who Killed Rudy?

On Friday afternoon, Vincent Lavert Ingram turned himself in to Florence police for the murder of Harold (Rudy) Stanback. Authorities say the shooting that took the life of Chris Stanback's older brother was the culmination of an ongoing argument. Readers have e-mailed us to ask if there is any connection to Chris' murder. While we can rule nothing out, we are highly doubtful that the two are related.

Ingram is 30 years old and, according to friends, not currently employed. In May of last year, he was living with his mother Kathy Doss at 2371 Norwood Boulevard in Norwood Park, a Florence subdivision, when he was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. Ingram's record shows two similar arrests from 2006 while he was living at 331 Cherokee Street in West Florence. The specific charges in those incidents involved marijuana and drug paraphernalia. In 2004, Ingram and a roommate, Torrey Levar Hampton, were charged with second degree assault and given probation.

Authorities are still looking for Gerald Bernard Doss, Ingram's half-brother. Doss also has a 2005 arrest for possession of a controlled substance. Sources say police are also attempting to question Trudy Simpson whom phone and utility records list as the householder of 424 West Irvine Avenue where the murder occurred. At one time, Simpson worked as a teacher's aide for West Way, a public child care facility sponsored by the city of Florence.

Another reader informs us that Chris and Rudy's sister Tara is also no stranger to law enforcement. In 2005, Tara Michelle Stanback shot bystander Carlos Thompson while attempting to shoot her estranged boyfriend Thad Lewis. She was charged with assault and given probation. It would seem the Stanback family is a walking poster for gun control. We hope others will learn from these incidents, but we're not holding our breath.

What's up with this:
No national championship for the University of Alabama? According to our own Madam Zara, the Crimson Tide is about to suffer its first loss of the season. Wonder if they're listening in Vegas?