Friday, November 20, 2009

More on Roger Bedford and the Forgotten Audits

We reported earlier in the week on the lack of state audits for two of Roger Bedford's pet projects, the Marion County Community Development Association and the West Alabama Development Association of Fayette County. At that time, Ronald L. Jones, Chief Examiner of Public Accounts stated the required yearly audits had not been done due to a lack of time and personnel.

Now, it seems a senior staff member of the Chief Examiner's officer has admitted that his office was unaware of the existence of the two groups. Could there be more such organizations out there of which the examiner's office is unaware?

Perhaps the most disturbing revelation in this new chapter of the Roger Bedford saga is that the Office of the Examiners of Public Accounts is funded by the Alabama General Fund. Just who controls the Alabama General Fund? If you guessed the Chairman of the Budget Writing Committee for the Alabama General Fund is Roger Bedford you win the right to vote against him in the next general election.

What's up with this: We're told that Alabama has the weakest ethics laws in the United States. Does this surprise anyone?