Sunday, November 15, 2009

Free "Poison & Wine" Album Download from The Civil Wars

John Paul White is a Shoals musician who's going places. Recently he teamed with Joy Williams, currently of Nashville, to form a band called The Civil Wars. Their music is diverse and has been featured on such television shows as Grey's Anatomy.

John and Joy are so sure you'll love their music, they want to give you a free download of their album Poison & Wine. This link will take you to their MySpace page where you'll be instructed how to complete the download.

The Civil Wars also has a Facebook page where you can become a fan of the group. As we publish today's blog, the group currently has 788 fans. If you like the group well enough to join, and we think you will, please mention that you learned of them here.

Not a new idea, but still a great one: We ask each of our readers to return to work tomorrow and offer a helping hand to the first person you see who needs it. It's easy to just pass by, but we promise you'll have a much more rewarding day if you don't.