Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Thanksgiving Challenge

The woman rushed from her car to the door of the fast food restaurant; the February wind was howling and it felt like snow was on the way. Once inside, the woman approached the customerless counter and began to speak to the young girl behind it--a girl who was obviously crying. As she waited for her order, the woman could not resist asking another employee about the girl who appeared on the verge of sobs. It seems it was Valentine's Day and the girl's boyfriend of almost a year had not remembered.

As the woman quickly ate her sandwich at a back table, the girl behind the counter continued to cry. It's not easy to be young, the woman thought as she exited the building to encounter even colder temperatures than when she had entered. As she opened her car door, the dome light illumined a small package on the back seat. The woman had taken some trinkets to nursing home patients and she had one left. Quickly she picked it up and ran back toward the restaurant. When she handed it to the surprised young girl, she actually saw what could have been a smile. It seems even the girl's parents had not given her a gift; the small present from a woman she had never met was the only gift she had received. The woman rushed back to her car through the blustery chill, but somehow she felt warmer inside.

Today we are truly thankful for all God has given us; today we present a challenge to our readers. We assume that most of you who read this blog are like us--perhaps not Bill Gates, but also not wanting for any of life's needs and few of its luxuries.

We ask you to go to the Dollar Tree, or a similar store if you live outside the Shoals area, and purchase 30 gifts, small presents. These token gifts can be as utilitarian as a pen set or as whimsical as a shoe-shaped emery board. Place these gifts in your car, wrapped or unwrapped, and for the next 30 days present one each day to the girl behind the counter at McDonald's or the young man who bags your groceries at Southern Market or whomever you usually encounter without thinking, or even looking.

We promise if you take this challenge, you will not only make others just a little happier, but yourself as well. Happy Thanksgiving 2009!

Quote from our friend Morris Lentz: