Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Influence: Good or Bad?

When the Florence City Council meets this afternoon at five o'clock, will Dr. Barry Morris (pictured) be voting on the proposed purchase of the Florence Golf and Country Club? There's a possibility that the vote will not come up, but if it doesn't today, it will in two weeks. So, why should Morris not vote?. It seems his father-in-law is former Florence mayor Bill Batson, a major stockholder in the property.

If you think the whole dump issue stinks, both literally and figuratively, you're not alone. Should the city purchase the 157 acres and be unable to use the property due to environmental restrictions, we hope it will be able to sell the former club house and golf course at its purchase price. If the city is able to use the acreage legally, we hope state environmental watch dogs nip at the council's heels with every move they make. And the smell just gets stronger...


Concerned about parental rights? Grandparents rights? Family law in general? Then you need to check out the Alabama Family Rights Association. ALFRA is composed entirely of volunteers who seek to overhaul unfair and antiquated state laws concerning parental and custodial rights. Our friend Mark Davis, author of Why Judge Suttle? is an active member of this worthwhile group who tirelessly gives of his time to ensure the quality of family life in Alabama. Thank you for all you do, Mark.


Family members tell us that Brandi Lee Campbell has been apprehended and is currently incarcerated in the Muscle Shoals Jail. We wish them the best in getting help for Ms. Campbell.