Saturday, November 28, 2009

First Chris Stanback; Now Rudy

Christopher Eugene Stanback (pictured) would be 32 years old if he had lived. Instead, Chris died fifteen years ago in a murder that is still unsolved. Last year we wrote about Chris' death and the effect it's had on his family. The Christopher Stanback Murder has produced as many comments, if not more, than any of our crime blogs. Yet, no one has any real evidence, any new information that will help authorities solve his homicide.

Now, his brother Rudy, 33, is also dead, the victim of a needless shooting at what was intended to be a Thanksgiving celebration. The fatal party took place at the home of Trudy Simpson, only three blocks west of the University of North Alabama. Another life has been lost, and the lives of two other young men have been radically changed forever. If any good can arise from this, we hope those who have information concerning Chris' death will now come forward. There's a $20,000.00 reward and a grieving mother still waiting.

Kudos: To Jen's Cafe on South Pine Street in Florence for once again serving a free Thanksgiving meal to one and all. We hope all our readers will try Jen's, known for its fantastic lunches and delicious deserts.