Monday, November 9, 2009

Checks, but No Balances...

Those who read our column on a daily basis are familiar with Brandi Lee Campbell, the Colbert County woman a grand jury refused to indict in the slaying of her brother. Now, Campbell is again wanted by Colbert County authorities. Besides several bad check charges, Campbell has three outstanding warrants for possession of a controlled substance. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of this fugitive is asked to call Shoals Crimestoppers at 386-8685. You may read an account of Bryan Ray Campbell's June 2008 death at this link.

Apparently after the recent fire at Clement Hill Furniture in Muscle Shoals, owners Steve and Darlene Hill are short of funds. Ashley Furniture Inc. is suing the retiring owners for $16,214.00. As of yet, state fire marshals have not made a determination as to the cause of the blaze that destroyed the State Street store.

Our second missing balance has nothing to do with finance, but Mother Nature. It seems once again the City of Florence is attempting to purchase property for a use that cannot be safely or expediently authorized. Several concerned Florence citizens, as well as environmental groups, plan to challenge Florence's announced purchase of the Florence Golf and Country Club. We say bravo to all concerned not only with the aesthetics of the situation, but the impact the extended landfill will have on Cypress Creek and other adjacent areas.

Tomorrow: Some thoughts about our local veterans