Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One Swanky Landfill

They're tearing down a school to build a parking lot.

They're tearing down a hospital to build a parking lot.

They're tearing down a church to build a parking lot.

Whoa! They're tearing down a parking lot to build a parking lot!

The above lines may comprise an old joke, but apparently the City of Florence actually wants to tear down a country club, complete with 18 hole golf course, to add to its present landfill. The Florence Golf and Country Club was established in 1927 and comprises 157 acres of exquisitely developed property. Unfortunately, with the number of competing local golf courses and the present state of the economy, the Florence Country Club is no longer a money maker for its owners.

The current owners purchased the club in 2005, hoping to resurrect interest in the decades old institution; however, according to Norman Ross, the group is now faced with the necessity of selling the property, in all probability at a loss. Saturday, October 31st, was the last day for bids; so far nothing has been published on just who did or didn't make an offer.

Along with the City of Florence, the University of North Alabama also showed interest in adding the property to the western end of its campus, as did Lawrenceburg businessman William Keelon who thinks the large acreage would make an ideal setting for an assisted living facility.

Obviously, money talks in this situation where investors have little hope of recouping their investment. Let us also remember that garbage stinks; converting something as lovely as country club acreage into a refuse dump will hardly win the city any new fans or friends.

What's up with this: Lauderdale Deputy Ronnie Valentine, who recently accused fellow deputy Terry Woods of harassment, has now been accused of abusing his office and other civil rights violations. It will be interesting to see how Sheriff Ronnie Willis handles the situation.