Friday, November 13, 2009

Just Say Nay - Dump the Dump!

A Letter to All Citizens of Florence & All Other Conservation-Minded Individuals:

It's been said "You can't fight City Hall." Well, we say we can--especially if City Hall is wrong. We are asking all residents of Florence to take part in this campaign to save the Florence Golf and Country Club. While we firmly believe 95% of a municipality's business should be just that--theirs and no one else's, something of the magnitude and beauty of this property belongs to the Shoals, just as does the New Deal mural in the future Tuscumbia City Hall.

While trash and garbage are a fact of life, that does not mean we should give these dregs of day-to-day living a place of prominence in our community. Perhaps the next step would be to raze the 1948 Art Deco Rogers Department Store building and install pay toilets. We have every confidence that the elected and appointed officials of Florence can design a plan for solid waste disposal that does not include the destruction of 157 acres of beautifully landscaped property and an edifice of architectural integrity.

We ask you to call or e-mail the following Florence officials with your concerns:

District I - Sam Pendleton - 760-6401,

District 2 - Dick Jordan - 760-6402,

District 3 - Hermon Graham - 760-6403,

District 4 - Barry Morris - 760-6404,

District 5 - James Barnhart - 760-6405,

District 6 - Andy Betterton - 760-6406,

The first, and perhaps only, vote on this issue will be Tuesday, November 17th, at 5:00 p.m. in the Municipal Building auditorium. We encourage all who can to be there. We humbly and sincerely ask everyone to make a long and loud protest of this purchase to the above named council members.

Thank you,

Shoalanda (E. A. Truitt, publisher)