Saturday, December 24, 2011

Our Naughty List (Some Much More Than Others)

"Naughty Lists" seem to be a trend among local bloggers this year, so we're happy to jump on the bandwagon. Here's our version, in no particular order...

1. Terry Bowden - He didn't even bother to say goodbye.

2. Wal-Mart - What? They've made so little money over the years that now they're worried about Publix? Please...

3. Florence City Council - Most of them truly care about the town. Standing one's ground can be courageous, but failing to find a solution for our garbage woes is not a great example of placing the city first. Santa may not leave any trash in their yards, but by February Cupid may consider doing so.

4. Cherokee Mayor Chuck Lansdell - If you don't play his way, he won't play at all, while blaming others for his leadership problems.

5. Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan - We're about to begin year three of this ongoing saga, all paid for by Lauderdale County taxpayers. He's not even appealing his DUI conviction on claims of innocence, but on a nebulous law. Great example there, Chief.

6. Brian Keith McGuire - Another less than upstanding citizen costing Alabama tax payers unnecessarily to appeal the loss of his teaching license. A Lauderdale jury may have found him not guilty of rape, but the Alabama Board of Education pronounced him guilty of that plus a lot of other seedy doings. Does he think anyone would hire him to teach Alabama youth even if he got his license back?

7. "Christians" who bash atheists - It doesn't speak well of their religion or their IQ. After all, we haven't seen any Methodists trash talking Baptists recently. Calling an atheist harsh names isn't going to make him want to sit by us in church on Sunday morning.

8. Florence and Colbert Animal Shelters - Neither can see the forest for the trees. We hope in 2012 both entities will concentrate on promoting animal adoption. It's about time...

9. Steve Pierce - If we can blame one man for UNA now residing in the purgatory that lies between Division I and Division II, it's Steve. We have to ask why he prefers UNA to be a very small frog in a big pond to being a very large frog in a medium pond.

10. Susan Leigh Smithson & the Sweetwater Gang - It's been over two years now since the owner of Sweetwater mansion and a few locals began their efforts to restore this once stately home. During this time, the director and her various committee members have alienated almost anyone who has volunteered to work on the property. Here's hoping Smithson finds a buyer in 2012,

11. Red Bay Police Chief Jana Jackson for commenting prematurely on the death of David Andrasik. No, no one knows how a Franklin County grand jury will rule in January, but we highly suspect Jackson will have some thoughtless words to eat.

We could add more, but the sound of tiny hooves approaching needs immediate investigation. Here's hoping all readers are careful out there this weekend.


Comments welcome. No profanity. No vulgarity. No libelous statements. Get it? Got it! Good...


  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone that writes/reads Shoalanda's blog hope 2012 is another successful year here. I love waking up in the morning and reading Shoalanda speaks!!

  2. Can we stop the gratuitous constant bashing of the Florence and Colbert Animal Shelters? I'm sure if most of you had to work one day at either place, you would not last 5 minutes. Thousands of homeless and abused animals are taken in these places which have limited space and limited funds for feed and care. The managers, employees, and voluteers do everything they can with the pittance they have. I have personally talked to a volunteer who had tears in her eyes as she described the pathetic creatures they come in contact with every day. Hard choices have to be made by people with soft hearts. Think about that. And if the way the Shelters are run bothers any of you so much, then get off your patooties and volunteer or divest yourself of your savings accounts and give to the care and feeding of these animals. Or go adopt one yourself.

  3. In response to Anonymous above, I never miss an entry on this blog. I have never seen any bashing of the animal shelters, but I have seen support. Just because someone doesn't agree with what you think, or has their own opinions of how business is conducted, doesn't mean they are belittling everyone who works or volunteers time at the shelters. Perhaps the shelters could promote adoption a little more...and the writers of Shoalanda aren't bashing to suggest that they do.

    On a more personal level, when I adopted my own puppy from the Florence shelter, I blogged about it, and Shoalanda shared my story with the readers here, and they ended with an encouragement to others to follow in our footsteps and adopt.

  4. Oh, putting the Animal Shelters on a "Naughty List" is NOT bashing. Right.

    Nice try.

  5. Again, suggesting a little more "adoption promotion" is not bashing. If anything, it brings more awareness to the problem of not having enough of these poor animals adopted.

    Maybe you're taking a "naughty list" a little too seriously? Drink a little eggnog and relax!

  6. I would have to agree with anonymous. I'm pretty sure from reading this blog for awhile that including the shelters on any list including Steve Pierce, Sweetwater, and Brian McGuire would be considered bashing. But that's pretty much what this blog does, right? 85% negative 15% Sweetwater?

  7. Actually, Jason, we decided to check the stats ourselves. Out of 1,192 blogs, 34 have mentioned the problems at the Sweetwater estate, or under 3%.

    Negative? We do comment on problems facing the Shoals. Often we present news items that other media have not mentioned. We also plug local establishments, authors, etc.

    We must be doing something right to have the number of readers we have...including you, we believe.

  8. Perception is reality, I guess.

    "We must be doing something right to have the number of readers we have...including you, we believe."

    It's sort of like a train wreck, ya know?

  9. AnonEMoose: OK Soap box here I come.1.) We Were Lied to about the increase of Sales tax increase in Florence Many times now. First to pay for the Renaissance Tower. that TYower has been paid for Thousands of times and you did not reduce the sales Tax like you said you would when it was paid for. Time for sales tax reduction Florence. 2.) You added a 10 Cent per gallon tax on Fuel in the Shoals for the New Golf Course and expansion of the Marriot and outdoor Venue for concerts that was dropped and will probably never happen. When are we going to quit having to pay the extra fuel tax in the shoals. We need to have our cost reduced on fuel just to survive this economy. 3.) Florence City and Lauderdale County Industrial development is a Joke. What Jobs in Industry have been produced in Lauderdale county in the past 15 years? none.4.) I know the old money mentality wants to keep the Job salaries to $8.00 an Hour and you hold the deck of cards. However Unions busted you will wither on the vines and Die if you do not allow new businesses Incentives to come to Florence and Lauderdale County. 5.) Just keep looking over your shoulder Lauderdale Residents. Do you really think that the new owners of ECM don't want the Land given to them for free on The TVA Reservation in Colbert County? 6.) OK OK I will put my Soap box away for the new year. God bless our home The Shoals and let us develop a better place to live with dignity.