Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dwayne Charles Holcombe Owes How Much?

Dwayne Charles Holcombe turned 50 while under indictment for mail fraud. Now he's been sentenced and will serve approximately the next 29 months in Federal prison. There is no parole in the Federal system, but inmates are usually released a few months early due to good time credit and possibly a transfer to a half-way house. At this point Holcombe's family can hope for less than two years.

Holcombe was convicted of defrauding Farmers and Merchants Bank of Waterloo of 1.406 million during a period of five years and six months culminating with his dismissal in August 2010. Federal courts on Thursday also sentenced Holcombe to repay 1.3 million in restitution, leaving a balance of 106K...but wait; Holcombe is also being required to pay an additional 1.3 million to the Federal government.

Since Holcombe did not benefit from the loan fraud, 2.6 million seems like quite a bit of pocket change for Holcombe to come up with, especially since his employment prospects upon release look limited. As for the 106K the Waterloo bank is out? We doubt it would be covered by any kind of insurance. We also have to ask why this fraud went unnoticed for over five years? Perhaps there is, as some of our readers have suggested, more to this story?

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It seems like Salah Salah is looking forward to being arrested Monday in Russellville. We have to wonder if he actually thinks a jury would look favorably on his unlawful sale of alcohol or if his attorney Billy Underwood is just attempting to pad his own billfold. Speaking of attorneys, we have to ask why a Franklin County lawyer wouldn't take Salah's case?

The main building of the South Side Southern Baptist Church was finished in September 1964, predating Salah's TNT mini-mart by some years. If the case should come to court, we understand this could be a major point in favor of the Russellville Town Council acting on the church's opposition to the sale of beer and wine in close proximity to South Side's playground.

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