Monday, October 27, 2008

The Unclaimed Parkway

Most individuals will usually lay claim to anything that bears their name, but not Danny D. Putman of the Rogersville/Elgin area. Putman, the developer of Rolling Brook Subdivision, had the bright idea some years ago of devising a short cut from Alabama 101 to US 72. Cutting an "L" shaped drive through commercial property that he owned, he sought to attract small businesses to what he hoped would become a shopping mecca in the small community of Elgin Crossroads.

Unfortunately, only two businesses located on this roadway, now named Putman Parkway, one of them owned by Putman himself. Putman assured those who expressed interest in the land that the Lauderdale County Commission had promised to take over the road at the appropriate time. Unfortunately, the appropriate time will not come for the commission until Putman upgrades his parkway.

As the years have passed without any maintenance, those who travel the pothole-riddled road have attempted their own jury-rigged repairs by dumping concrete construction blocks into the ever-growing chasms. If this isn't bizarre enough, Putman now insists he no longer owns the road. Since he has sold the property on both sides of the parkway, it belongs to the many new owners, according to Putman who still maintains an office nearby.

Without home rule, the Commission is unable to force Danny D. Putman to maintain the parkway that bears his name. I wonder if things are going better at Rolling Brook Subdivision?

What's up with this: Are there really no lady Lions in Killen? Surely someone can sing a verse of "I am woman, hear me roar."

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  1. Thanks for informing the Shoals about this. I've ruined the front end on two cars on this road.