Friday, February 13, 2009

James Edwards Hall II

This is the last of a three part series on the nominees to succeed Lauderdale Circuit Court Judge Mike Suttle.

James E. Hall is, like the other two nominees, primarily a personal injury attorney. Unlike the other two, he has judicial experience, albeit in municipal courts.

Hall is a graduate of the Cumberland School of Law at Sanford University and was admitted to the Alabama Bar in 1987. He resides in Lauderdale County and practices in downtown Florence. Martindale ranks James Hall 35th in visibility among 113 practicing Florence attorneys.

Hall has been municipal judge for the city of Florence since 1999, having assumed that role at the nadir of the court's existence. He and the attorneys who work in this court are to be commended for bringing that venue to its current level of function. For those who have never sat in on a Florence Municipal Court session, we would suggest that you do so--it's quite an eye opener. Hall is also municipal judge for the municipality of Killen and the provincial town of Lexington, also having taken on that appointment under less than ideal circumstances.

In the early part of this decade, Hall was sidelined due to a heart attack, but has rebounded with seemingly no permanent ill effects; however, Gov. Riley may consider this of more importance than we. It should also be remembered that, if Hall is selected for the position of Circuit Court Judge, the City of Florence would immediately need to pick his successor. At least one, and perhaps more, highly qualified Florence attorneys currently work in city court on a regular basis.

Gov. Riley will in no way have an easy job when he chooses among the three.

Note: An informant tells us the four attorneys not making the selection committee's short list were: Billy Jackon, Jamy Poss, Janice Keeton, and Ricky South.