Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Paige H. McWilliams to be Indicted? Bryce Graham Recuses!

Accusations against former Cherokee librarian Allison Paige Hite McWilliams are scheduled to be presented at the October 26th grand jury session. Colbert County District Attorney Bryce Graham has recused himself stating a conflict, and Franklin County Assistant District Attorney Doug Evans is scheduled to present the state's case.

Interestingly, Cherokee Mayor Chuck Lansdell will only admit at this time that the missing funds amount to over $10,000.00. Previous documented audits showed the amount of fraudulent credit card charges to be just over $16,000.00. Paige McWilliams, 1986 Red Rock Road, Tuscumbia, is married to Barry G. McWilliams who sources say initially offered to settle with the town of Cherokee. The town has filed a civil suit against Paige McWilliams seeking $43,000.00 in damages. If this is the case, one may assume the insurance carrier for the town of Cherokee is demanding a criminal suit before it will reimburse the town for any difference in the amount owed and what Barry McWilliams is offering in settlement.

It's unclear what Bryce Graham's relationship to Barry and Paige McWilliams may actually be. Doug Evans has Colbert County roots and should not be perceived as an outsider to a local jury; nevertheless, recent trials involving such recusals have resulted in acquittals. Indeed, the civil suit may be the best way for Cherokee to recoup any of its losses.

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