Thursday, August 13, 2009

An Occupational Tax in the Shoals' Future?

With unemployment at almost 11% in the Florence metropolitan area, all forms of tax revenue are destined to decrease in the near future. Logically, Shoals towns will either have to decrease services or find new sources of tax revenue. Could an occupational tax be in our future?

Beleaguered and basically bankrupt Birmingham is proposing a .45% occupational tax for their city, at least until 2012. While such a tax on an annual income of $50,000.00 would amount to only $225.00, most of those taxed would reside outside the city and even Jefferson County itself.

Now State Rep. Randy Hinshaw of Meridianville (pictured) wants to ensure such forms of taxation never reach Madison County. Rep. Hinshaw, who works for a community college in Opelika, states he's determined to get this essential piece of legislation passed before the end of the special session. Obviously, there's little chance of Hinshaw's bill being enacted during this abbreviated session and even less chance of it dealing with an actual threat to Madison County residents. We believe the word is "grandstanding."

We're just surprised members of the Shoals delegation didn't think of it first. Of course, when questioned about it two years down the road, we're sure at least one or two of them will claim they did, ala Mike Curtis and Tammy Irons asserting they voted against their 62% pay raise.

What's up with this: Pizza Marina is moving from its Colbert County location to the former Smack building in Killen. We predict a weight surge for the Eastern Lauderdale town.