Thursday, August 20, 2009

Updates and Lowdowns

Mail concerning our recent blog on Troy King was evenly divided. It seems Alabamians either love or hate TK the AG. We want to reiterate our statement that King has done many good things while in office. One communication we received perfectly illustrates this. Here is a brief, but telling, extract from the story from one reader:

You appear to have a personal intersection in something Troy King did, well, I do too. My sister was murdered and this man never gave up. I have met with him three times and in every instance he has promised to do something. For three years he wrote our family on the anniversary of her memorial and this past year announced that the cold case was going to be prosecuted and closed. I am happy to know that we are not the only ones. VOCAL gives the victims of crime a network to lean upon each other for support and prayer. I know from others in our victims network that Troy goes out of his way to meet, pray, console, keep in jail and keep alive the desire to find and prosecute the criminals who have harmed so many.

However, King has made ethical mistakes that many high school students would be wise enough to avoid. He has also repeatedly attempted to create and modify state law as well as enforce it; his burgeoning list of crimes of moral turpitude has kept many productive Alabama citizens from enjoying their political rights. We can only conclude that power does corrupt many individuals, and King is one who has fallen victim to it.


Our humorous column two days ago on new bridal shop Cherry Tree Lane (Plain) also garnered many responses, all but two of them positive. The two critical e-mails came from the 23 year-old owner Whitney Hill and her mother. We wish Miss Hill the best in her new business endeavor, as well as highly commending her on entrepreneurship at such an early age. We still maintain the shop's remuddling removed a lovely, short-lived icon from the cityscape and, in doing so, robbed us of a thing of beauty. We do hope that any of our readers visiting downtown Florence will drop in and check out Miss Hill's business. All the best to her.

What's up with this: It seems one new local forum has gone private after three months. Considering the forum's content, we're sure it's a move of which the site's retail sponsors approve.