Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What Next for Cheryl Bradford?

Cheryl Bradford resigned her position as Director of the Russellville Chamber of Commerce in early July after being called to a special Chamber meeting to resolve the ongoing problem of unpaid bills. On July 6th, the Chamber asked Bradford to reconsider her resignation; Bradford agreed to return to her position of Executive Director only if the current Board members resign. Bradford's demand may appear unrealistic on the surface, but according to several Franklin County sources, she has the support of the community.

When Lisa Stockton resigned as Chamber Director in December 2007, Cheryl Bradford was one of 15 applicants who sought the position. Chamber President Ken Askew announced the hiring of Bradford, a retired TVA employee, six weeks later. Askew stated at the time it was a difficult choice, but many close to the selection process privately stated Bradford's husband Jackie, Franklin County District I Commissioner, had used his influence to sway Chamber members.

Now, two short weeks before the annual Watermelon Festival, the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce is left virtually rudderless, refuses to budge in its position, and declines comment on the Chamber's current financial problems. Our sources say watch for the plot to thicken.

Congratulations to Tina Miller Parker on her appointment to the Muscle Shoals Civil Service Board--a great choice for the job!