Monday, August 3, 2009

BCRF/CCDF Scam Has Reached the Shoals

We hope all our readers support the fight against breast cancer; we also hope they do it wisely. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a legitimate organization dedicated to eradicating this potentially lethal disease that strikes one in four American women. The Breast Cancer Relief Foundation is a scam.

The latter does have a website, complete with ubiquitous pink graphics and the disclaimer that none of the information listed therein may result in any liability to them. Since June, the BCRF has moved into the world of Alabama telemarketing, sometimes using the name CCDF (Cervical Cancer Defense Foundation). These sister scams both use the number 314-627-5579.

Telemarketers for these groups ask for bank account information, but will offer to send a SASE if you insist upon donating in that manner. They also encourage a minimum donation of $25.00. Those who call the number back are answered with a voice mail box and prompted to leave a message.

Our contact at the Attorney General's office stated this bogus organization is running its scam from Missouri and there is little authorities in Alabama can do. Anyone receiving a call from this number should not pick up the phone--that is unless you are of a mood to tell these dishonest telemarketers what you really think of them.

Note: For those of our readers who wish to contribute to the fight against breast cancer, we suggest checking out the Susan G. Komen Foundation.