Thursday, August 27, 2009

He Said, She Said, Judge Jimmy Sandlin Said - Part I

We have commented before that no one agrees with every ruling by every judge, especially in Family Court. In Lauderdale County, Circuit Judge Jimmy Sandlin presides over what is commonly called family court--that is most of the time. Noted exceptions to this rule would include cases in which there was a conflict of interest necessitating Judge Sandlin recuse himself from a particular case. One would think such recusals would be rare; however, since Judge Sandlin's sister Cindy Schuessler is a practicing Lauderdale County attorney, such cases may not be as rare as one would think.

One such case in Judge Jimmy Sandlin's court involved local optometrist Rory Smith. After many delays in Sandlin's court, the case was transferred to Judge Mike Jones' courtroom, resulting in a second series of delays.

Dr. Smith decided to present his story to the public in the form of a website. How to Ruin Your Husband is a compelling read. We offer no opinion here, but will let our readers judge for themselves. No matter the guilt or innocence of either party in this divorce, the children are the real victims in such endless legal wranglings.

How to Ruin Your Husband

What's up with this: Apparently TK the AG has just called Luther Strange a "small man." TK is probably the only one who sees no humor in that.