Friday, August 28, 2009

He Said, She Said, Judge Jimmy Sandlin Said - Part II

A second account from Judge Jimmy Sandlin's Family Court for which we make no claims as to validity:

I live in an area, Florence Al., that practices "politics and who you know LAW". I have witnessed first hand, such practice, on more than one occasion. My most recent involvement with Lauderdale Co. family court and judge JIMMY SANDLIN began in mid April, following Spring Break of this yr. My 11 yr old son, let be known to my niece, of same age, "My Daddy raped me..." with heart wrenching detail's. My ex-sis-in-law revealed to me, on April 19th, the matter, as her daughter had told. My son, himself, told me, too, "My Daddy raped me...", in graphic details, the following Friday April 24th. I was heart broken and in disbelief.

My son would not let me out of his sight, and made it clear, and in tears, "I don't want to see or talk to my Dad." He, my son, refused to go to school, fearing his Dad could get him from school. I contacted my attorney, on Monday April 27th, she was out of town until the following Monday. On that Monday I met with her for counsel and direction, thinking I had done the right thing and my son would be protected. Two day's later, I tried to file a Protection Order for my and self, (the Dad has a long history of prior abuse) with the court per judge JIMMY SANDLIN,< person literally attacked and threatened me, saying I had coerced my son, and what a terrible mother I was for doing so, and if DHR and the Cramer Center discover such, quote "You will never see your kid again." and "I'll give you one chance to back out of these allegations" and "This order is a Custody Order not a Protection Order." I said, "I can't not do that, my son needs you." My atty responded, "She has nothing to gain in doing this, thing's are going well, between the mother and her son." I was terrified as "THAT person gave me one of the most evil, peircing glares, I have ever seen." And, the protection order did not include my son, just myself, with a clause, no visitation pending investigation per DHR and the Cramer Center and so-called GAL.

The following week, the Cramer Center (Monica Haddock) with DHR (Laura Johnson) did a Forensic Interview, that did not include, (but should have, according to Bud Cramer guidelines) a detective or investigator from the Florence PD. This is referred to as interagency cooperation, therefore children are not subjected to more interviews and trauma. It also came out in THEIR so-called interview that my son had tried to kill himself 2x, by cutting his wrist, and there is scarring from past cutting on his forearm (my son had told me he had gotten in briars) and a small cut on his wrist, that had been recent. He had to sign a paper, that he would not try and kill himself before they would allow him to leave, both myself and 25 yr old daughter were witness

Approximately 1 wk later, my son was taken from me and placed in foster care per DHR and Cramer Center, whom told the judge, I had coerced him, "the child parrots the mother and I was uninsightful to my mental instability" thus mentally abusing my son. DHR, Laura Johnson, FAILED to tell the judge, I had been informed of the molestation/rape by my ex-sis-in-law, whom Laura Johnson had spoke to, as well as her sister, whom had heard my niece tell her. Had this not been omitted, I strongly feel my son would not have been put in foster care.

On July 9th, a hearing was held, with full intent to give full custody to the dad, as well as let him move ny son out of state, and note this, MY atty was out of town, that day, and I given a "fill in" atty whom knew nothing of the case. My daughter is in law enforcement and referenced the "Law" related to rights to counsel, so the case became Pendalite, the father was given temporary custody and allowed to move him out of state and a final hearing to be "sometime in Sept." Only of recent have found out the court date to be Sept. 10th. Also, I was given supervised visitation, which as of today still has not been "worked out" per the GAL. I have not seen my son since July 8th, have spoke with him only 3x, the dad told me, he doesn't want to see or talk to me. My atty say's, he's just at that rebellious stage. So this is where I am at...Lost, in desparate need of advice, I have limited funds, and I fear, to be truthful, that thing's could get much worse...I still have faith that, the GOOD LORD, is watching over my child...and, Oh, how I pray and pray and pray...

There is much more to my story, but, for now, I will leave y'all with the short story...and, I ask for your prayers, too.

I do need this question answered, has anyone out there been ordered to pay for any service's by the Cramer Childrens Advocacy Center, in Florence AL., I was ordered Forensic Evaluation at the expense of the mother, ordered by GAL, DHR and signed by judge JIMMY SANDLIN? I have recently found out that the Cramer Center is a non-profit organization, with 501(c)3 status/IRS...

Also, the dad, has been convicted of domestic assault on me, and has other documented history of abuse to me in police reports, hospital reports, nothing physical recent. The GAL has squashed using his past history of abuse and I don't understand.?

And, Yes, WE>any and all of us whom have been victimized by the system(s), must fight with our hearts, beings and souls to protect our children and God given right to be parent's....

Thank You, for your time and any advice and prayers....


Note: The above account originally appeared in The Alabama Family Rights Association website. It has been edited only for spelling and truncation into more easily readable paragraphs.