Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two Blogs and a Bard

We've heard it said, to really gauge the pulse of a community, don't just rely on the local newspaper, check out the area forums and blogs. In the past we've highly recommended Osborne Ink by Matt Osborne and hope that you've added his column to your favorites list. Now, we would like to suggest two other Shoals area efforts for your consideration.

The Robnett Reveiw is a conservative political blog written by Jason W. Robnett (pictured). We find it both witty and informative. Like Osborne Ink, many of the issues tackled are of national import, and we hope Mr. Robnett will turn some of his wit toward state and local issues in the future.

The second site is more than just a blog--it's an extremely well-done website by a Brooks High graduate who refers to himself as Coach T. With football season fast approaching, we're sure will be a must-read for many.

That brings us to the bard, a local poet who is going places, brought to us via YouTube and a tremendous local talent currently residing in Hollywoodland. Both poet and presenter prefer to remain anonymous at this time, but we hope to be able to bring you an interview with both in the near future. For your enjoyment, we present Pyro.

What's up with this: We're glad Florence Councilman Barry Morris is concerned about protecting citizens from local hucksters; we wish he would demonstrate the same concern for our well-being in smoke-filled eateries.