Saturday, October 19, 2013

No, He Doesn't Get to Go to Gran's Either...

Yesterday we blogged about Jason Green, currently under indictment in Franklin County for Felony Murder and First Degree Theft (as they say in the old T.V. shows "Grand Theft Auto"). Green is supposedly wearing an ankle monitor; he is allowed to go to work, church, medical appointments, and grocery shopping--that's it--nothing more.

We posted a pic of Green at a party; the picture was cropped and did not identify anyone else. Blogging is a great deal like the tale of the father, son, and donkey--whatever you do or say displeases someone. Some readers thought the photo and text were misleading. We're not sure in what way, but here's the uncropped photo:

Jason Green at his grandmother's 91st birthday party (illegally)
No, whether Hugh asks him to the mansion or Gran asks him to her birthday party, Green is not allowed to go. His alleged victim Shay Ledlow is not attending any parties, now is she? How about the owners of those stolen cars found at his business? No parties for them either; they're busy working to make up the money they lost to Green and his father.

And Green's gran? Wonder if she's proud of him? She could be; now we're thinking of the old saw about acorns...


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  1. Do we know for sure if he is still restricted on where he's allowed to go? I know for a fact that he is throwing a lavish and enormously expensive private party this weekend at Manna restaurant in Sheffield.I can't help but be disturbed.