Thursday, October 31, 2013

Who's Who Tonight?

With the weather outside, the only sensible way to celebrate Halloween this year is inside. Those more formal parties call for more elaborate costumes, and we hear that several have gone all out this year. Here's a few of the major Shoals party goers:

Lauderdale Sheriff Ronnie Willis will try his best to fill out a doughnut costume. He may not be quite tall enough.

Muscle Shoals Mayor David Bradford decided to go with the flow of public opinion and dig his Donatello costume out of moth balls.

Bradford's favorite attorney Billy Underwood will dress true to type and wear a Superman outfit.

HKH's Doug Arnold has gotten over his Grinch envy and will don a Snidely Whiplash ensemble.

The entire Muscle Shoals High coaching staff will go as Nick Saban--they're paid enough to just pull it off.

Colbert County Commission members were seen purchasing white sheets--it's a toss up where they're going with that.

Billy Reid will be going as Herb Tarlek if he can find a white belt and shoes.

Lauderdale County's Mike Jones will be going as an impartial that's a stretch.



1 comment:

  1. I figured Underwood would lean towards the Rudolph outfit this year.