Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Keith Violated a "Non-Complete" Clause?

Yep, poaching eggs may be fun, but physicians? Is ECM/RegionalCare poaching docs from Helen Keller Hospital? That's what Keller claims in a lawsuit.

It seems Dr. Stephen Keith didn't give a 90 day notice after his contract ended with Keller. The Sheffield hospital states the contract automatically renewed after two years and required a notice to end the relationship.

Then there was that nasty "non-complete" clause the TD's Jennifer Edwards referred to. Did she really mean non-complete or is she just not legally savvy? Oh, well, let's just say the good OB/GYN was non-complete in finishing the contract and then violated a non-compete agreement when he went to ECM.

Think he knows anything about deliverin' dem babies?


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