Friday, October 4, 2013

"No Local Children Were Involved"

If you've read the news in the past two days, you know that David Erick Gray has had new arrests. The Killen man now holds the record for the largest collection of child pornography in Alabama history. So, what are people saying?

Yes, we're seeing "Let God judge since no one was hurt physically." Really? We haven't seen any of Gray's collection, nor do we want to, but all these children were hurt psychologically if not physically.

Authorities have made the standard statement that no locals were in the photos. That's good, but is it really that much better that these used and abused children were from Lower Slobovia? We think not. For those who say a few photos don't hurt, think again.


While on the subject of children, a reader sent us this:

The Lauderdale County Head Start program is set to be closed Oct. 11 due to this shutdown of government. School board will vote on this tomorrow. We will all be terminated at that time and roughly 300 families will lose these services. Very sad day for this community.

Indeed, it's extremely sad. We don't usually comment on national issues, but we hope each of us will contact our federal representatives and make it clear that we want this nonsense stopped.



  1. That's insane. How can people say photos don't hurt? Or do they think the children were filmed willing.... no. I can't even express my disgust, but at least you took this piece on disputing those words. Lock him away BEFORE he can act on his sick fantasies.

    1. You pointed out an extremely valid point. If he has collected this HUGE amount and is still collecting, how do we know he won't "up the ante" and become involved in production of some porn himself?